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Custom 8 Sided 38″ High Boca Raton Pedestal with swiveling eyeball Halogen Light dramatically displays ‘The Perfect Mask’ fine art acrylic by Paula Slater. This Pedestal was ordered by Kaleidoscope Gallery in Laguna Beach and also has a motorized rotating top.

Halogen Lighted Pedestals

Lighted Pedestals

Two of the three matching Custom Pedestals ordered by D. Fine Galleries at the Bellagio and the Mirage in Las Vegas to display exquisite glass art.

Designed to have a 12″ diameter motorized rotating top with a top mounted, fully rotating and swiveling eyeball light, built into a 35″ high standard sized Monaco.




Art Glass Pedestals
Custom Pedestal

“Chris, We received the pedestal yesterday and put our sculpture on it.  The light is fine.  We are able to rotate it as necessary.”

Thanks again, D. Hirsh

Custom 22″L x 14″W x 40 High Boca Raton with gloss black finish.   In this case the rotating eye ball light is located in the back of the Pedestal so that it will light up a glass sculpture from behind.

Pedestals for Acrylic Sculpture

Custom 8 sided motorized rotating Pedestal with Boca Raton lighting.  This pedestal was ordered for Paula Slater’s ‘Orchid Empress Awakens’ bronze and it was given a bronze and silver metalic marble faux by Berinje.



Custom Pedestals

Fully rotating eyeball light Custom sized to display a client’s large cathedral Amethyst.

14″ x 14″ x 30″H

price 550.

Custom 7 Sided Casablanca Pedestal with Boca Raton Lighting.  This Pedestal will fit in the corner of a room and display a client’s large Cathedral Amethyst.

Sculpture Pedestals

Art Pedestal

White marble faux with blue highlights by Berinje beautifully compliments Paula Slater’s ‘The Perfect Mask’ bronze.  This custom Boca Raton pedestal was ordered by Kaleidoscope Gallery and also has a motorized rotating top.

Bronze Pedestal


Custom Boca Raton with motorized rotating top and dark green/black faux by Berinje to compliment a ‘Royal Butterfly Trainer’ bronze by Paula Slater.


Pedestal with Halogen Light

Custom Boca Raton Pedestal finished in black satin.

Boca Raton Pedestals can be sized and shaped in a variety of different configurations to fit your sculpture or glass piece.

Top Lighted Pedestal



Custom over sized Boca Raton Pedestal to display a client’s Murano glass sculpture.  (Ordered without rotating top, beautifully finished in black satin.)

Custom over sized Boca Raton Pedestal with Motorized Rotating top, finished in an elegant Dark Chocolate satin.

Boca Raton Pedestal with new Santa Fe lighting option and stunning St. Laurent marble faux finish by Berinje.