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“I take great pleasure in creating original and unique sculptural designs. When a client already has a concept in mind, I delight in the collaborative process. In some cases, I have a computer graphic artist use my design sketches to produce computer graphic illustrations.”

Slater is a wonderful sketch artist and illustrator. This illustrative skill is very much appreciated by her clients because she is able to help them visualize their projects before the sculpting process begins. Paula earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Art and a Master of Arts Degree with honors in Art and Consciousness. In her early career she was a fine art painter and book illustrator. Her paintings, lithographs and fine art giclee prints were exhibited throughout the United States in fine art galleries and one woman shows–winning many awards. Slater then focused her abundant talents and artistic educational studies towards her very successful sculpting career. Paula says the first time she picked up a piece of clay, “It was like coming home.” And sculpting has become her passion ever since!