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Public Monuments and Memorials

“I’ve been told the bronze figures and portrait statues I have sculpted look so real that one should not be surprised if they came alive and climb down from their pedestals.”

~ Paula B. Slater, M.A.

Slater is internationally recognized for her masterful command of the human form. Her figurative sculptures exhibit a fluid sense of motion and wonderful expression. When sculpting custom statues, public monuments or memorials, Slater first creates design sketches. When the design is approved, she sculpts a small maquette/model before creating the full size sculpture in clay. After the highly detailed clay sculpture is approved, high quality Silicon and plaster molds are made. The foundry uses these molds to pour waxes and the complex bronze process begins. Being very detail oriented, Slater is intimately involved in all aspects of the bronze process: from chasing her own waxes, overseeing the fine finishing of the bronze metal, checking the weld lines and working closely with the patina artist.