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Weeping Angel Statue (Clay for Bronze)

Weeping Angel Clay for Bonze, Life Size by Paula Slater

Weeping Angel Statue (Clay for Bronze) was sculpted by Paula Slater. This kneeling weeping angel has large glorious feathered wings, delicate features and an elegant draped gown. When she is completed in bronze, she will be installed in her exquisite Tiffany finished granite site plan (designed and produced by Keith Monument Company) at the historical 1848 Cave Hill Cemetery Arboretum/ Botanical Gardens in Louisville, Kentucky. The Weeping Angel will fit in beautifully in this location with its lush flowering trees, wild life, streams and beautiful statuary.

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Rachel Carson Portrait Bust (Clay for Bronze)

Rachel Carson Portrait Bust with Detailed Relief Sculpture (Clay for Bronze) by Paul Slater

I was asked to sculpt a portrait bust of ‘Silent Spring’ author, Rachel Carson for the Department of the Interior (presently being cast in bronze). Carson has been called the first environmentalist. It was her important research, writings and speaking before Congress that lead to the banning of DDT. She has been one of my heroes and I wanted her portrait to be uniquely special. So I sculpted her portrait atop a column to give it height and prominence and took inspiration from Carson’s groundbreaking books, ‘Silent Spring’ and ‘The Sea Around Us’, to design and hand sculpt the detailed relief that graces all four sides.      Reading Carson’s best selling books decades ago while in college had a profound influence on my understanding of the fragility of our planet’s eco system. It opened my young eyes to the dangers that human plunder, manufactured poisons and pollution can reek on our environment.  

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Mahsa Jina Amini Bronze Portrait Bust Sculpture ‘Angel of Liberty’

Mahsa Zhina Amini 'Angel of Liberty' Bronze Bust Sculpture, Paula Slater Sculpture, Iranian Protester, Life Size Bronze Portrait

Slater is interviewed by Manoto TV (see second video on this page) Manoto TV has 40 million viewers in the UK and the Middle East. The hosts introduce Paula Slater in Farsi and then she answers nine questions she was given while in her sculpture studio. Their editors included captions in Farsi and spliced in photos and video to go with the interview of her recently sculpting a Bronze bust of Mahsa Amini, and Neda and Sohrab in 2009 to support the protesters in Iran. #mahsaamini #iranrevolution Mahsa Amini Portrait Clay (for Bronze) Bust has been sculpted by Paula Slater. She has named this life size portrait sculpture the ‘Angel of Liberty’. Slater will unveil a plaster casting of the bust at a sold out event sponsored by the American Iranian Women’s Foundation being held in San Francisco this Sunday (October 16th, 2022). It will take a couple more months until a bronze can be completed from the mold New ‘Mahsa Amini: Angel of Liberty’ Clay (for Bronze) Bust Created by Internationally Renowned Sculptor Paula Slater San Francisco, California, US – By Paula Slater Sculpture Slater sculpted three iconic life size bronze busts in 2009 to support the huge fraudulent […]

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Qian’s Mother Portrait Bust Sculpture

Portrait Bust Sculpture, clay for bronze, by Paula B. Slater,

This is a life size (clay for bronze) portrait bust of Qian’s beloved 92 year old Mother. Qian is also the client who commissioned me to sculpt the relief portrait of his mother and father based on their lovely wedding photo taken 75 years ago in China (which I posted a couple of weeks ago). Many decades of time have passed, but you can still sense her sweet spirit. She was also wearing her favorite knit cardigan sweater which I sculpted in detail and will show up more clearly when the bronze casting receives the hot patina.

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Saint George and the Dragon Bronze Statue (4ft high by 4ft wide)

Saint George and the Dragon Bronze Sculpture, Bronze Statue by Paula Slater Sculpture

St. George and the Dragon Bronze Sculpture by Paula Slater is a 4 foot high bronze. The highly detailed sculpture of St. George is modeled after George Brand who passed away in 2016. Brand was an award winning body builder, actor and philanthropist. He was a physically beautiful man and his family and friends describe him as having a wonderful sense of humor and a heart of gold. HISTORY OF SAINT GEORGE:  “George the Great Martyr is thought to have lived in the late third century in an area which is now in Turkey. He was born into a noble Christian family  at a  time when it was a crime to be a Christian. In fact, for three centuries after the birth of the Church, Christians were  intermittently  persecuted by leaders of the Roman Empire.  Besides having their churches and scriptures burned, Christians were often tortured, imprisoned, beheaded, killed by gladiators or thrown to the lions. As a young man, George became a soldier in the army of the Emperor Diocletian. In the year 303, when the emperor ordered  the systematic persecution of Christians, George refused to take part. He presented himself before the Emperor and publicly denounced this action. For this he suffered numerous tortures […]

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United Nations Secretary-General U-Thant Bronze Portrait Bust Sculpture

United Nations Secretary-General U-Thant Portrait Bust Sculpture by Paula B. Slater, 1.5 times life size, Florida International University, Miami

 United Nations Secretary-General U-Thant Bronze Portrait Bust is a 1.5 times life size bust which was molded and cast in museum quality bronze. Slater was chosen to sculpt this portrait by the Florida International University in Miami. When it is completed in bronze it will be installed in a courtyard being created for its prominent display upon a beautiful solid granite pedestal with a bronze plaque on each side telling the fascinating story of Maha U-Thant’s life.  U-Thant is credited with having “facilitated negotiations between U.S. President John F. Kennedy and Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchey during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, helping to avert a global catastrophe.” “It was his actions that prevented the Cuban Missile Crisis from escalating. This crisis was an intense thirteen-day military confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union. The installation of Soviet nuclear missiles in Fidel Castro’s Cuba pitted the two superpowers against each other in the USA’s backyard. Fortunately, U Thant emerged as the mediator who de-escalated the crisis from the brink of nuclear destruction.      “For his role in defusing the Cuban crisis and other peacekeeping efforts, the Norwegian Permanent Representative of the United Nations informed U-Thant that he would be awarded the 1965 Nobel Peace […]

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My Faithful Warrior Bronze Monument

Not Forgotten Fountain, My Faithful Warrior, Bronze Monument, Paula Slater Sculpture, Vietnam National War Museum

Here are photos of the beautiful patina as it was being recently shot on the second casting of the Not Forgotten Fountain. This 1.3 times life-size bronze sculpture will soon be installed at the National Vietnam War Museum in Texas. Aiya, the patina artist at the Artworks Foundry, did a fantastic job! In 2012, John Burnam Monument commissioned Slater to sculpt the original working fountain for the U.S. Military Working Dog Teams National Monument at Lackland, Air Force Base. The newest addition to the National Vietnam War Museum grounds is here! “Created by master sculptor Paula Slater, “My Faithful Warrior” is dedicated to the nearly 4000 dogs that served alongside military personnel during the Vietnam War. The Department of Defense during this period classified dogs as equipment, and subsequently only around 200 dogs ever made it back to the United States. The controversial decision either transferred ownership to the army of South Vietnam, systemically euthanized, or completely abandoned the dogs still in service when the United States pulled out of the war.”

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St. Thomas Aquinas Design Sketch

St. Thomas Aquinas Design Sketch by Paula Slater

St. Thomas Aquinas Design Sketch for the beautiful University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. The prospect of sculpting this portrait project inspired Slater immensely because of the high ideals and spiritual teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas. One of the many perks of specializing in portrait sculpture is the depth of research undertaken before beginning a portrait. Slater read a treasure trove of inspiring information about St. Thomas and studied many images of him before beginning work on the design concept. Paula proposed this bronze portrait be over life size (appropximately 6’8” high). Her design sketch shows the portrait of St. Thomas expressing motion while he teaches, with an elegant swirl of his cloak draped across his body, manuscript in his left hand as his right hand points to the heavens. Since this statue would be up above the viewer, she sketched his head turned slightly down as he reads, so that his full face can be seen.

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French Bishop Claude Marie Dubuis Bronze Bust, Five Castings Installed in the U.S. and France

Slater was commissioned by the Roman Catholic Diocese in France to sculpt a life size bronze portrait of Archbishop Dubuis. This beautiful portrait is of Dubuis in his younger days as a priest in Galveston, Texas from 1862 to 1892. Slater was given a very small fuzzy photograph of Dubuis and an impressionistic painting of him from which to work. As she sculpted the portrait of Dubuis in clay, high resolution in-progress photographs from many angles were emailed to her client. Her client in turn, shared these photographs with his clients, who were five French Nuns and their Bishop. As progress was being made, the Nuns found another photograph of Dubuis in his latter years when he was an Archbishop. Although he was much older than the portrait Slater was asked to sculpt, it was still very helpful and she was able to add much more beautiful detail to the portrait. Once the bust was cast in glowing bronze the Nuns and their Bishop so loved the portrait that they ordered an additional four castings to be installed in France in other hospitals named after Dubuis. The garments, cross and especially the neck chain worn by Dubuis required a great deal of fine detailing, […]

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General Ulysses S. Grant Monument, for West Point

General Ulysses S. Grant Monument by Paula Slater for West Point

Paula Slater was awarded a commission to sculpt the General Ulysses S. Grant Monument for the United States Academy at West Point. The finely detailed full-figure bronze portrait of General Grant is 7-1/2ft high and is installed upon an elegant 4-1/2ft high solid granite base. Slater worked closely with the West Point Museum Curators to assure historical accuracy of the portrait and all uniform accoutrements. The General Grant portrait is portrayed in a four star General uniform of the Union Army during the Civil War. Grant worked under President Lincoln to put an end to slavery in America. Grant was later elected the 18th President of the United States. A 16 inch high small clay model was first sculpted by Slater for approval by West Point before sculpting the full size portrait. The small model has been molded and cast in a bronze limited edition. A wonderful Cover Story article was published in ‘The American Scholar’, a prestigious magazine first published in 1932. Slater’s photograph of her General Grant Portrait Statue is on the cover of the September 1st, Autumn 2019 edition. This is the link https://theamericanscholar.org/moral-courage-and-the-civil-war/#.XW-MptHsaUk Also, there is a wonderful article about General Grant and the West Point […]

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Dr. Noam Chomsky Bronze Portrait Bust, Famed Linguist, Best Selling Author and Professor at MIT

Life Size Bronze Portrait Bust of Noam Chomsky by Paula Slater

Paula Slater sculpted a highly detailed and finely finished Bronze Portrait Bust of Dr. Noam Chomsky. These photographs are of Noam Chomsky from the clay bust in-progress, to the bronze patina at the foundry, to professional photographs and finally to the unveiling at the University of Arizona backstage after a huge event in which Toni Massaro interviewed Chomsky. Noam Chomsky is widely recognized as one of the great intellectuals of the past 100 years. He is a famous linguist, philosopher, political activist, prolific author of more than one hundred books and professor at M.I.T. Slater was delighted when her previous client for the Edward de Vere bronze portrait, commissioned her to sculpt a bronze portrait of the one and only Noam Chomsky!  

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Neda Agha-Soltan, ‘Angel of Freedom’ Bust, Nedā is Persian for “voice”, “calling” or “divine message”

Neda Agha-Soltan Bronze portrait Bust by paula slater sculpture, 2009 Iranian Protests, shot in the heart, Angel of Freedom

The second portrait bust of Neda with her hair uncovered, is the face on the other side of the coin. The first sculpture was a historical portrait of Neda ‘Angel of Iran’.  It showed a strong and proud Neda whose spirit could not be broken by an oppressive dictatorship under which she lived and died. However, Slater’s second portrait sculpture without the hijab (scarf) is of Neda ‘the Angel of Freedom’ and she is radiating the hope of her people for a free Iran. It is a more intimate portrait in which she was free to show her vulnerability and innocence. Slater started sculpting the first portrait of Neda when the only picture of Neda that was absolutely verified to be a photograph of her was the one where she is wearing the scarf. Due to the many requests Slater received asking that she sculpt a portrait of Neda in which she isn’t wearing the hejab (that women in Iran are forced to wear by the Islamic Regime) Slater then  sculpted a second portrait bust based on a lovely new photograph taken by Neda’s fiancée which had become available. Neda Agha-Soltan was a young Iranian woman who was shot in the heart by a government sniper while on her way to an […]

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President Lincoln Bronze Bust, Installed in the Lincoln Legacy Museum in Springfield, Kentucky

Life size clay portrait of an older version of Lincoln after he had grown his trademark whiskers, but before the ravages of war had taken such a terrible toll on his face. This bust in bronze was acquired by the Lincoln Legacy Museum in Springfield, Kentucky. This highly detailed portrait bust with the attached bronze base is 26″ in height and is now available in bronze in a limited edition of 25 (email or phone for pricing).

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Neil Armstrong Apollo 11 Spacesuit Replicas (15 Life Size Statues)

Neil Armstrong Apollo 11 Spacesuit Replicas (15 Life Size Statues) were created by scan data supplied by the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum of Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 actual spacesuit.  Scansite 3D manipulated and digitized the data so that it could be used to create a life size 3D Form print sculpture. The 3D print was an accurate replica but needed much sculpting and refining work before a mold could be made for roto-resin casting. Paula Slater spent many hours sculpting, repairing, filling in undercuts, sanding, cementing missing parts, etc.. After the mold was made and the first of 15 resin castings was produced, it was Slater’s responsibility to color match the paints to be used for the spacesuit statues. Paula chose a mix of metallic enamel and acrylic paints and experimented with airbrushing and hand painting the many coats needed for each element of the spacesuit. Then set up the written and illustrated proto-call for how all 15 spacesuits were to be painted. Slater also needed to photo shop the NASA patches, the ‘cheat sheet’ on his left wrist, the flag and make a template for the zigzag stitching on his knees. All aspects of replicating Armstrong’s spacesuit […]

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Neil Armstrong Sculpture for Purdue University

Slater proposed a portrait bronze sculpture of Neil Armstrong (first man to walk on the Moon) as he looked when he was a student attending Purdue University. She designed a monument with Armstrong standing tall, looking to the stars as he walks up a granite base which echoed the shape of the new Armstrong Hall of Engineering building being built at Purdue University. The three bronze relief panels on the base detail Armstrong’s illustrious career. Original concept sketches and design by Slater, graphic illustrations by Brad Bourgoyne.    

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Don Salvio Pacheco Monument, Concord, CA

Public Art Monument by Paula Slater of Don Salvio Pacheco, 7ft High Bronze Portrait

Slater was awarded the public art commission to sculpt a 7′ high bronze portrait statue of Don Salivio Pacheco by the Concord Historical Society (http://concordhistorical.org) in conjunction with the City of Concord. Pacheco was one of the three founders of the City of Concord. In 1834 he received a land grant of 17921 acres which he named Todos Santos (meaning ‘all Saints’), later renamed Concord. Pacheco was a very generous man and by the time of his death in 1876 he had given away all but 425 acres to flood victims, immigrants and many others. He strongly believed in the value of education and built a school. Pacheco welcomed people to his adobe home with open arms and was known by all as a very honorable and trustworthy man. The committee was enthusiastic about Slater’s design concept and sketch which shows Pacheco with his left hand holding a scroll of his land grant and his right hand resting upon a map with the marked boundary of his land, sitting atop an ornate Spanish relief decorated pedestal. Slater is renown for sculpting in high detail and has brought that skill to creating the historic over-life size portrait statue of Pacheco in his period clothing. The bronze casting (by the Artworks Foundry in Berkeley) will be finely finished and given a […]

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“U.S. Military Working Dog Teams National Monument”

Although other war dog memorials have been created, none have the distinction of being elevated to the status of a National Monument. The process for this National designation took many years. The U.S. Military Working Dog Teams National Monument needed to be approved by the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate and was then signed into law by President George W. Bush in 2008. The law was then amended by President Barack Obama in 2009, authorizing the John Burnam Monument Foundation to design, build and maintain the National Monument. Slater was selected to sculpt all seven of the complex monumental sculptures for the Monument because of her professionalism, her impressive body of sculptural work and her attention to detail. When Slater was questioned as to whether she felt the pressure of sculpting this huge commission? She responded, “I do feel the weight of these kinds of large historic projects, literally there are thousands of pounds of bronze sitting out there, but figuratively, all of us who were involved with this National Monument have felt the weight of it. We wanted to get it right, to bring our greatest talents to bear.  We all knew what it meant, what it stood for–this is […]

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Sir Bertrand Russell Bronze Bust, Famous Nobel Laureate, Philosopher, Writer and Political Activist

Nobel Laureate Bertrand Russell Bronze Bust by Paula Slater

The Bertrand Russell Bronze Portrait Bust by Paula Slater has now been completed. Nobel Laureate, Lord Russell was a British Philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, writer and political activist. He was a brilliant man and Slater enjoyed sculpting his life size portrait–“his face had so much character and he had a wonderfully unique shaped head.”

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‘The Ascent Of Heroism’ Veterans Memorial

THE ASCENT OF HEROISMA swirl of wings and feathers gently guides our fallen heroes home. As they are greeted with Love upon their ascent, may their sacrifice never be forgotten. Paula Slater, Sculptor   This elegant and complex custom military bronze monument stands 11-1/2’ high on its granite base under the outdoor sun surrounded by trees and a gorgeous 360 degree hilltop view. ‘The Ascent of Heroism’ includes seven high and low relief figures swept up in a swirl of wings and feathers. It was installed upon a 5’ high solid granite base in the center of a Veterans Circle at Grandview Cemetery in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Mike Hurm wanted to commission Slater to sculpt a custom veterans memorial bronze sculpture but did not know exactly how it should look. Slater asked him what war the sculpture should represent. Then he explained that the location for the sculpture was a veterans’ circle where American soldiers from the Revolutionary War through to the Iraq War were laid to rest. Rather than sculpt a soldier or two, Slater asked her client if he was open to something more creative and she would get back to him with a design sketch. He very much wanted to see […]

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“In Sacred Union” Lincoln Monument

Over 70 professional sculptors and sculptor teams nationwide submitted qualifications for this important public commission. The field was then narrowed to 20 semi-finalists and then down to 5 finalists. Slater was honored to be chosen to sculpt the monumental 10’ high full-figure Lincoln portrait. The elegant site-plan designed by Brad Bourgoyne tells the fascinating story of Lincoln’s search for his parent’s marriage bond.  A bronze plaque with the timeline is installed on the back of the 6’ high granite base and bronze copy of the actual marriage bond graces the front of the base. Slater sculpted this version of Lincoln without his beard because he visited Kentucky in 1858 in search of the bond, but did not start growing a beard until November of 1860. During his political campaigns and life as President, Lincoln was dogged with vicious rumors by his political rivals that his parents had never been legally married. Lincoln searched in vain for the marriage bond, especially in Elizabethtown where he thought his parents had been married. Lincoln went to his grave not knowing if the marriage bond existed.  A friend of Lincoln’s continued the search after Lincoln’s death and found it in the Springfield, Kentucky Courthouse.  Now the bronze […]

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Senior Appellate Court Judge Leroy Contie Bust, He Courageously Went Up Against the Mafia in Ohio

Judge Leroy Contie Bronze Bust by Paula Slater, Canton, Ohio

Senior Appellate Court Judge Leroy Contie along with Mayor Stanley Cmich worked together to fight organized crime in Canton, Ohio. Even though they and their families were threated by gun shots being fired into their homes, these two courageous men went up against the mafia. Their civic heroism, personal integrity and friendship is a fascinating story. Both bronze portraits were installed in a newly designed downtown mall in Canton to honor them.

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Dr. Hildebrando Perico Bronze Bust, Founder and President of Universidad, Bogota, Columbia, 1.5 Life Size

Dr. Hildebrando Perico Bronze Bust by Paula Slater

Herbert Perico contacted Slater for a commission to sculpt a 1.5 times life size portrait bust of his father who was the founder of Universidad EAN. The Perico family had first commissioned another sculptor but were so unhappy with the finished clay bust he created that they decided to not have that first bust cast in bronze, but to start fresh with another sculptor. They showed Slater photographs of the other sculptor’s attempt and she assured them she could do a much better job. When Slater had completed sculpting the portrait bust in clay, Dr. Hildebrando Perico’s wife travelled all the way from South America to see it in person. She loved the portrait and readily gave her approval for the molds to be made and the bronze casting process to proceed. After the bust was completed in bronze and given rich bronze patina, it was custom crated and flown to Bogota, Columbia, where it was installed in the new library of Universidad EAN.

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Charles Albert Adams Bronze Bust, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of California Masons in 1920

Charles Albert Adams Bronze Bust by Paula Slater for Freemasons

A commission to sculpt the Charles Albert Adams Bust was awarded to Paula Slater from the Freemason Masonic Order. Charles Adams was a past Grand Master, however they could only find one photo of him (a profile) so Slater did her best in sculpting his likeness and filling in the blanks of what he must have looked like face forward and in the round. They were thrilled with what was achieved using just the one profile photo for reference. Charles Adams was a San Francisco attorney, who was elected Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of California Masons in 1920. Concerned about the crisis in California’s education system following the first world war, he founded Public Schools week to promote masonic support for education. A successful initiative which has resulted on over $30 million contributed by California masons to public education. Next year marks the 100th anniversary of Public Schools week, and the fraternity wished to commemorate Mr. Adams with a bronze portrait bust. When the bust is cast in bronze it will be displayed in their beautiful new masonic lodge room, Freemason’s Hall, located at the Masonic Memorial Temple in San Francisco (The in-progress profile photo: This is a […]

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Andy Anderson Relief Portrait Plaque, Aera Energy Annual Environmental, Health, and Safety Award

Andy Anderson Bronze Relief Plaque, Portrait Plaque, Bronze Award Plaque, Area Corporation, Paula Slater Sculptor

Andy Anderson relief portrait award plaque is completed in clay and is presently being molded for bronze casting. It is 16″ high by 10″ wide relief portrait of Andy Anderson who retired from his position of Senior Vice President of Operations at Aera Energy. Once it is cast in bronze it will be an annual Environmental, Health, and Safety Award in his honor that will rotate to the different Aera facilities. Each year a bronze name tag of the winner will be attached to the lower portion of the plaque. Andy was presented with a photograph of the clay relief portrait at his retirement celebration on September 1st and he loved it!! Honoring Aera’s commitment to safety https://www.aeraenergy.com/aa-safety-award/ Valley Wells Middle Team receives prestigious Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Excellence Award Aera’s President and CEO Erik Bartsch (far left) and former Senior Vice President of Operations Andy Anderson (center) present the Valley Wells Middle Team at Aera-Belridge with the inaugural 2022 Andy Anderson EHS Excellence Award When Aera’s Senior Vice President of Operations Andy Anderson retired in 2022 after a 40-year career in the oil and gas industry, he left behind a longtime tradition of passion, commitment and resolve to […]

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Mayor Stanley Cmich Portrait Bust, Longest Serving Mayor of Canton, Ohio

Bronze Bust of Mayor Stanley Cmich by Paula Slater for Canton, Ohio

Past Mayor Stanley Cmich was the longest serving Mayor in Canton, Ohio history (from 1964 to 1983). He was known as the ‘Main Street Mayor’ and as a tremendously honest man. Cmich lead a courageous crusade along with Judge Leroy Contie to clean up the city of vice and corruption. They succeeded and before Cmich left office, Canton won the All-American City Award. Cmich was one of eleven children born to a Polish-immigrant– “he never got rich off of being mayor and he never forgot where he came from.” He was light years ahead of his time when it came to race relations and brought African Americans into his administration and promoted them. Cmich served bravely as a World War II veteran who was twice wounded in combat, earning him two Purple Hearts. Slater finds it especially inspiring to sculpt honest people of high moral integrity. Once this bust is cast in bronze, along with Judge Leroy Contie’s bust, they will be installed in a lovely downtown mall being built in their honor

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“Steven Stayner Missing Children’s Memorial”

In 1972, 7 year old Steven Stayner was kidnapped on his way home from school.  For seven years he was held captive by a man who routinely abused him. In 1980, the same man kidnapped another child, 5 year old Timothy White. Steven, then nearly 15, bravely managed to escape with Timothy to a local police station, from which both boys were returned home. Steven devoted much of his time upon returning home to telling his story, teaching parents, children and a whole nation how to protect themselves from what had happened to him.  His story is told in the movie “I Know My First Name Is Steven”. In 1989, Steven was killed in a motorcycle accident, leaving behind a wife and two young children. Timothy White became a Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputy, and in 2010 died of a pulmonary embolism, also leaving behind a wife and two young children. Slater was selected from many competing sculptors to sculpt the life size full-figure portraits of Steven Stayner and little Timothy White. She produced a sensitive design sketch of Steven leading Timothy by the hand to safety. She named the sculptural design, “Coming Home” and it was unanimously approved by the […]

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Bronze Bust of Jozif Ghandi, Memorial Portrait of a Young Medical Student in Germany

Bronze Bust of Jozif Ghandi by Paula Slater

Slater was commissioned to sculpt a Bronze Bust of Jozif Ghandi. He was a young medical student in Germany, who passed away two years ago. He was a handsome young man much loved by his family, friends and colleagues. Jozif’s life size portrait was very inspiring to sculpt with his charming slightly crooked smile and modern spiky hair. The portrait was been completed in bronze in 2020 and was shipped to Germany for installation at his gravesite.

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1.5 Times Life Size Bronze Bust of William Charette, Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

Bronze Bust of William Charette Medal of Honor Recipient by Paula Slater

Slater was honored to sculpt the bronze portrait bust of William Charette. Charette served in the U.S. Navy for 26 years as a hospital Corpsman during the Korean War. He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor from President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1954 for his tremendous heroism above and beyond the call of duty. He was also awarded the great honor of making the final selection of the World War II Unknown Soldier, now buried in Arlington National Cemetery. During an intense battle when his platoon was overrun by North Korean soldiers, an enemy grenade landed near Charette and a badly wounded Marine he was aiding. He placed himself on top of the Marine in order to shield him from the explosion, and in so doing, the grenade’s blast tore off Charette’s helmet, destroyed his medical bag and knocked him unconscious. When he awoke, he found his face bleeding from shrapnel wounds and he couldn’t see. He recovered enough to continue to aid Marines in the battle using torn parts of his uniform to dress wounds. In another instance, he removed his battle vest and placed it on another wounded Marine whose vest was destroyed from another explosion. In […]

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“Ludington Veterans Mall Monument”

The Ludington Veterans Mall Monument was dedicated on June 25, 2017 in Ludington, Michigan. The centerpiece of the Mall is the William Charette 1.5 time life size bronze bust sculpted by Paula Slater. Included in the Veterans Mall is the Ascent of Heroism, also sculpted by Slater. This 6-1/5 high bronze features seven veterans from seven different American fought wars. It is the second bronze casting of the sculpture in an edition of three. The first casting was commissioned by Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hurm and was installed in Grandview Veterans Circle, Altoona, Pennsylvania. Over three hundred people attended the dedication of the Ludington Veterans Mall located on the beautiful shore of Lake Michigan. There was not a dry eye in the place during the very emotional unveiling of the William Charette bronze portrait bust by Peg Ezdebski of her brother William (with her son and daughter by her side).  Slater was a keynote speaker along with Medal of Honor Recipients Duane Dewey, and Gary Littrell. Dr. Rick Plummer was the Emcee and other speakers included Michelle Hammer, Robert Gancarz and Richard Smith who served with William Charette during the Korean War. Brothers Budde and Todd Reed were the final speakers of the event before the Ascent […]

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“General Vang Pao Monument”

The goal of this project was to create a world class public Monument to General Vang Pao (GVP) who was Military Commander for United States CIA covert operations in Laos during the Vietnam War. GVP lead the Hmong to rescue downed American pilots, provide intelligence and disrupt the flow of weapons and supplies into Vietnam.  Former Director of the CIA, William Colby, acknowledged General Vang Pao as “the biggest hero of the Vietnam War.” After the War and once resettled in America, the General dedicated the rest of his long life to work on behalf of the Hmong. Slater’s clients proposed an over life size full-figure bronze portrait of a youthful GVP in military uniform, but were open to her design suggestions and whatever other components she felt were needed. In his life’s work, General Pao became known as the “Father of the Hmong people”, and since there were already a few other portraits of the young GVP in uniform, Slater instead drew sketches of a 10’ high portrait of GVP, the civil servant and statesman, in his later years. She also included the installation of three very large 52” high by 44” wide informational bronze relief panels on the […]

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Religious Temple Sculpture

Slater’s latest Monumental Bronze Portrait Sculpture of a Hmong Spiritual Leader was recently finished by the bronze foundry. The ornately costumed Hmong spiritual leader is seated in an elaborately designed chair (constructed by Slater’s husband, master woodworker and mold maker Chris Slater, with relief sculpture by Paula, and then cast in bronze). The bronze chair and portrait figure were both finely finished in preparation for the lustrous golden patina. The completed sculpture will be installed in a temple to be built in Oroville, California. The 1.5 times life size portrait sculpture of Leej Niam was commissioned by a Hmong Church. This religion honors the Mother and Mother Earth. Their spirituality is to love one another and love our Mother Earth. “Our Mother places her right hand over her left hand on her chest to symbolize her love for nature, all living things, and human beings.”  She is wearing an ornate ceremonial costume and headdress and seated with her feet in a large bronze bowl partially filled with water, a tradition in keeping with the Laotian high mountain religion. The bronze chair and portrait figure were both finely finished in preparation for the lustrous golden patina. The following is a link to  website for the community that plans […]

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“Port Huron Mining Monument”

The life-like bronze of a miner with pic-axe in one hand and lunch pail in the other looks out over the inspiring blue waters of Lake Huron.  It graces the middle of a beautiful park created in Michigan to memorialize the twenty-two miners who perished in the tragic 1971 Port Huron water tunnel explosion. The names of the twenty-two miners lost to this terrible accident are engraved upon the 5’ high solid granite pedestal. Over 350 people attended the dedication along with the Coast Guard, the Red Cross and the 1971 Fire and Rescue workers. The Honor Guard placed a wreath by the sculpture, there was a 21 Gun Salute and Memorial Taps were played. The Memorial has since been designated a Michigan State Landmark. The accident, one of the worst in state history, was blamed on poor ventilation and poor communication between contractors–the drillers had no idea that men were working in the tunnel. The explosion was caused by drillers on a platform in Lake Huron who bored through the tunnel’s concrete liner while men were still in the tunnel. A spark ignited a pocket of methane, causing a blast that hurled men and heavy machinery along the tunnel. […]

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George Bergeron Memorial

Slater was awarded the great honor of sculpting the life size, full figure portrait of George Bergeron seated on a motorized scooter.  Mr. Bergeron was beloved by many and was the head of the MS Society in Windsor, Canada.  The beautifully finished bronze portrait was installed in the George Bergeron Healing Garden located on the beautiful Riverfront Trail in Windsor. Mr. Bergeron developed MS when he was 34 years of age and was a great proponent of staying active and mobile. He was a tremendous inspiration who touched so many lives with his personal courage and positive outlook. Phase I Paula Slater & Doug Bergeron This is a perfect picture to explain how “a thought/idea” can become a “reality”! The Winsor MS Chapter wanted to do something special in memory of George Bergeron and to give many thanks to Doug & Sandra Bergeron for their most generous gift of One Million Dollars to the MS Society of Canada (50% for Research & 50% to be used by the Windsor-Essex Chapter for special programs), over a 10 year period. This is when the idea of a “Healing Garden” was thought to be appropriate since George loved gardening! We had tossed the idea around […]

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“General G. C. Graziani”

Custom military bronze portrait statue of General Giulio Cesare Graziani in his younger years when he was Italian Air Force Pilot. Graziani cooperated with the U.S. Air Force during WWII. A book was written about this heroic ace pilot who flew over 100 value missions. He became a highly decorated war hero who rose through the ranks to become Brigadier General and was later promoted to General of the Italian Air Force. Slater sculpted the highly detailed life size full-figure portrait of Graziani, oversaw the mold and bronze process and then shipped the bronze to the Museum in Rome. Slater was informed that there were a few other bronze portrait busts in the Museum however, this would be the only full-figure bronze portrait, which would make it an impressive attraction. It was installed next to the actual plane flown in WWII by Graziani. Slater strived to capture every little detail of the authentic military clothing and the portrait of this WWII hero. General Graziani’s son was very gracious and supplied many vintage photographs of his father from WWII. Slater emailed her client many in-progress photographs as the clay portrait and the bronze casting progressed. He and the Museum were able to […]

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“Not Forgotten Fountain”

When John Burnam, president of the John Burnam Monument Foundation, contacted Slater in 2008 about possibly sculpting the U.S. Military Working Dog Teams National Monument project, she was greatly enthused. However, when John related to me the story of all the military working dogs that were left behind in Vietnam, Slater says her heart broke. Thousands of military working dogs were crated and ready to be air lifted to safety at the end of the Vietnam War, only to be downgraded to non-essential equipment and left on the tarmac. Hearing this story touched her deeply and she says she knew this was a project she was meant to sculpt.  Slater says brought all the emotion and skill she had as a sculptor to these heroic figures. JBMF President, John Burnam also decided to have a working fountain added to the National Monument. He had the very creative idea of a dog handler sitting crossed legged pouring water from his canteen into his helmet, which is how Vietnam War era handlers provide drinking water for their military dog partners. Slater was asked to sketch several fountain concepts to present to Dave and Cheryl Duffield, who had contributed funding for the massive […]

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“Come Unto Me”, Risen Christ

Slater was commissioned to sculpt an over life size full-figure Risen Christ for a 12,000 member First Baptist Church in Florida.  Based on her design sketch, the 6’5″ Christ figure floats up above his robes and is installed upon a two foot high granite base, making the overall height of the piece almost 8-1/2’ high. The elaborately robed figure is a very complex sculpture that took Slater many months to complete. These kinds of intricate sculptures are referred to as “not foundry friendly” because they required a tremendous amount of work to mold, to cast, to weld and then to finely finish. However, the result is truly a very fine art sculpture created in the style of the old masters. The glowing bronze was placed above a pond between two fountains at the entrance to Orlando’s lovely Memorial Prayer Gardens.   “Come unto me all ye who are heavy laden and I will give you rest….”

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Monumental ‘Faeries in Waiting’

This stunning whimsical bronze is a monumental version of the 30” high ‘Faeries in Waiting’ bronze from Slater’s Royal Faerie Bronze Series. Please see her Limited Edition Bronze series at http://www.EmpressEditions.com   “While walking through a meadow did you catch a glimpse of her from the corner of your eye? With jeweled wings and faeries in waiting, this Royal Faerie Princess lightly tiptoes across a lily pond, reveling in the light of a brilliant new dawn….” Paula Slater

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Link Piazzo, WWII Air Force Pilot Captain

Slater was awarded the honor of sculpting a life size full-figure military portrait of Reno veteran and philanthropist Link Piazzo as he looked when he was a WWII Army Air Corps Pilot Captain. He flew 67 missions, and was awarded 14 metals for his service, including the Distinguished Flying Cross award. Slater’s first meeting with Link was in his upstairs office above his Sporting Goods Store. Though born in 1918 and 88 years of age at that time, Link was eager to show Slater many of his awards and Sporting Goods memorabilia. He had autographed photos of himself with some of professional sport celebrity greats throughout the years. Slater was immediately impressed with Link’s clarity of mind and infectious spirit as he related story after story of his full to overflowing life. When it came to talking about how he wanted to remember in bronze, Link was adamant that he wanted a realistic sculptural portrait of himself as he looked during WWII. He said, “I don’t want to be remembered as an old guy. What’s the fun in that!” Slater paid great attention to all the little details of WWII veteran Piazzo’s portrait and to the accuracy of his full military […]

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Del Hilliard Bronze Memorial

Del Hilliard suffered from Muscular Dystrophy but he did not let that stop him from getting the most out of life.  He was actively engaged in several sports including the Special Olympics and the Torch Run—winning many trophies. Del was also a very loyal fan of the Hooks minor league baseball team. He was such a regular at the Whataburger Field Stadium games that everyone recognized and knew him by name. Bob Hilliard, a prominent Texas attorney, contacted Slater after his brother Del passed away to commission a life size full-figure sculpture of Del. The Hilliard family supplied Slater with many photographs of Del from which to work and was so pleased with the completed portrait that they ordered two bronze castings. The first bronze casting was installed at the Hilliard Home in Corpus Christie and the second casting of Del’s bronze portrait was installed upon a granite base at Whataburger Field Baseball Stadium. The unveiling and dedication of his bronze statue was attended by many people who knew him as a regular at the stadium and by his many friends and loving family.

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George Draper Bronze Portrait Bust, Mayor of Main Street with a Star on the Surfing Walk of Fame

Bronze Bust of George Draper by Paula Slater

George Draper Bronze Portrait Bust. Draper received his Star on the Surfing Walk of Fame in 2012. He is an institution in Huntington Beach and a ‘local hero’. Draper is also known as the Mayor of Main Street. He earned these titles as the owner of the legendary George’s Surf Center located at 121 Main Street, Huntington Beach, California from 1967 to 1993. Life Size Bronze Portrait Bust of George Draper. Draper received his Star on the Surfing Walk of Fame in 2012. He is an institution in Huntington Beach and a ‘local hero’. The life size portrait bust was completed in bronze 2019.

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Monumental Temple Sculpture

Please see Public Monuments and Memorials for more photographs and information about this monumental sculpture. The clay and wood sculpture has been completed, approved by the clients and the foundry has cast the many bronze parts that make up this sculpture. It is now being polished to a high shine in preparation for a stunning golden patina.

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Ever Changing Works In-Progress

Surprise Gift to an Attorney from his wife, Denise: Slater received the testimonial above from her client who is the wife of the gentleman she just completed sculpting. He is a well-known attorney, who for the present moment shall remain nameless because this is a surprise gift from his wife. The life size clay portrait bust has been completed, approved by the client, and the molds have been made. Now it is going through the complex foundry process and it will become a very dynamic portrait cast in bronze with a warm glowing patina. Glamorous Lucille Ball during her Modeling days: People were unhappy with a bronze statue of Lucy located in Celeron, New York, dubbed “Scary Lucy” (created by another sculptor) so Slater chose to sculpt a beautiful Lucille Ball for her private collection. Slater says that if she were to sculpt a public statue of Lucy it would be the comedic ‘I Love Lucy’ that is so widely recognizable. But this life size portrait bust is a tribute to the “Glamorous Lucille Ball” from a compilation of her modeling, pre-series glamour shots. Slater wanted to capture that dreamy faraway look Lucy had in many of those elegant photographs.  […]

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Young Lincoln Monument Design

This concept design and graphics were created by Brad Bourgoyne with Paula Slater named as sculptor and leader of the team. Slater and Bourgoyne were top three finalists with this proposal with over 70 sculptor teams entered in the competition.

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Fire and Rescue Monument for Toledo, Ohio

Fire, Water, Earth, Air We propose an inspired design that manifests the humanity of dedicated firefighters engaged in a perpetual struggle with the elemental forces that both imperil and save lives. Creating a dramatically heroic image coupled with an intimately contemplative space, this design would be a landmark memorial that would stand in testament to the enduring vigilance of Firefighters. Concept Design and Graphic Illustration by Brad Bourgoyne with Slater as Sculptor and leader of the team. Slater and Bourgoyne were named top two finalists with over 75 sculpture teams competing for this project.

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Blink Fine Art Catalogue, Page 1 & 2

April 21st is the distribution date for the 2017 Blink Fine Art Catalogue. A selection of Slater’s Bronze Portrait Busts and Public Monuments is featured in a two page spread. Blink produces a large catalogue with each page measuring 9” wide by 11” high and all photographs are in full color.

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Royal Baby Elephant

The Royal Baby Elephant bronze by Paula Slater was cast in a very small limited edition.  Senator Hillary Clinton acquired one of these beautiful bronzes when she was still First Lady for her personal art collection.  This elegant bronze is 14″ tall by 15-1/2″ long.   A client commissioned this clay model replica (35% the size of the original) of a 400 year old ebony and ivory elephant previously owned by the Maharajah of Kapurthala.  Its history is long and very interesting. The elephant stood beside the throne in the Raja Palace in Kapurthala for hundreds of years.  The palace itself was built in the year 1100AD, and is a stone turreted monument to a lost time in India’s history.  During a Sepay revolution in the 1800’s the palace was invaded and the ebony elephant hacked open by rebels looking for the Maharajah’s crown jewels believed to be hidden inside (a very huge ruby once crowned its left temple).  When the Raja’s family regained control, the elephant was restored.  Many people of India believe in a mystical power contained within the ancient elephant.  This beautifully stylistic elephant was given as a gift from India to the American Ambassador to India in the early 1950’s.  My client […]

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Lincoln Monument Design

Slater and Brad Bourgoyne competed against 75 sculptor teams and were named  top 20 finalists, then top 5 finalists and then they were awarded the commission for the Lincoln Monument in Springfield, Kentucky. Brad Bourgoyne created the design concept and the graphics for this project and Slater was the sculptor and leader of the team.

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Rhodesian Ridgeback

The in-progress clay sculpture below by Paula Slater was the model for the life size Rhodesian Ridgeback bronze which was cast in a limited edition.  The client wanted to commemorate the lives of her two very precious Ridgebacks.  The first of this limited edition will be placed in a private enclosed garden, a peaceful resting place.

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U.S. Congressman Ruben Hinojosa Bronze Bust, Texas 15th Congressional District,1997 to 2017

Slater was commission to sculpt a life size bronze portrait bust of U.S. Congressman Ruben Hinojosa for the University of Texas Pan-American.  It was first cast in white plaster for presentation at the Hectec Conference event at the University of Texas Pan American. The plaster bust was unveiled at the Hectec event with the Congressman, his wife, Martha, as well as, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Slater on stage. Nancy Pelosi was a keynote speaker at the dedication, as an audience of hundreds applauded the unveiling event. (Dr. Roland Arriola commissioned the portrait on very short notice, the bust was completed in bronze a couple of months after the unveiling event.) Congressman Hinojosa was a U.S. Representative for Texas’s 15th congressional district, serving 1997 to 2017. Hinojosa served on the House Financial Services and Education committees. He emphasized assisting minorities and low-income Americans gain access to higher education. He was especially active in supporting water-conservation projects along the Mexican border, and in replacing federal subsidies for student loans with direct government loans. Hinojosa and George Miller were responsible for constructing the 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act, which increased the maximum Pell Grants available to low-income students and authorized additional funding […]

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Edward de Vere, ’17th Earl of Oxford’ Bronze Bust, Author of the Plays Attributed to Shakespeare

The Edward de Vere Bronze Bust is a highly detailed portrait of the 17th Earl of Oxford. The exquisite detail of the unique clothing of the Elizabethan time period was meticulously captured by Slater’s amazing talent for sculpting ornate works of art. This stunning three-dimensional bronze bust brings the two-dimensional Welbeck painting to life. De Vere is considered by many to be the person who actually wrote all the plays and sonnets attributed to Shakespeare, but did so through another person–a commoner by the name of William Shakespeare who could not even write his own name. This secrecy by de Vere was done so, because in that time period (1550 to 1604) in England, it was not acceptable for an Earl to write plays, especially ones critical of the Royal Court. The movie, ‘Anonymous’ (2011) captures this story and depicts the relationship between these two men. A photograph of the de Vere Bronze Bust was printed on the cover of a book about de Vere, and photographs of the bust were used on three private ‘Earl 17’ wine labels (2011, 2012, and 2014 Cabernet Sauvignons by Mount Veeder Winery). For more information about Edward de Vere and the Shakespeare authorship, […]

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U.S. Congressman Bill Thomas Bronze Bust, Calif. 21st Congressional District, 1979 to 2007

Slater was asked to personally meet with Congressman Bill Thomas in Washington, D.C. (which also required they receive security clearance).  She and her husband visited the Congressman in his grand office overlooking the Washington Monument at the Capitol Building. Slater took photographs and caliper measurements of Thomas. While there, the Congressman asked his aide to show the Slater around the Capitol Building seeing many beautiful sculptures including the highly guarded gallery of marble Vice Presidential Busts on the Senate side of the Capitol. The Slaters were also taken to the upper loge seat gallery of the Congressional House floor while a vote was taking place. (There is a feeling one gets when in the midst of our Governmental leaders on Capitol Hill, and it is easy to see how so many young people gravitate to D.C. to take part in that energized political process.) After her visit with Congressman Thomas Slater sculpted his beautifully detailed life size clay portrait. When it was approved, molds were made and it was cast in bronze. The bronze portrait was custom crated and shipped to Bakersfield and installed in the new William Thomas Terminal at the International Airport. Congressman Thomas was a member of […]

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Dr. James M. Slater Bronze Portrait Bust, Pioneered Proton Therapy for the Treatment of Cancer

Slater was commissioned to sculpt a life size bronze portrait bust of Dr. James Slater (no relation). Dr. Slater pioneered the groundbreaking use of Proton Therapy for the treatment of brain, lung and prostate cancers. This beautifully finished and expressive bronze bust was installed at the Loma Linda University Medical Center, Loma Linda, California.

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Lucille Ball Bronze Portrait Bust, Glamorous Modeling Portrait

Lucille Ball Bronze Portrait Bust, Lucy Sculpture

This life size Lucille Ball Bronze Portrait is of the Glamorous Lucy from her modeling days. It was cast in bronze and given a light “fancy patina” to highlight Lucy’s porcelain complexion. When Slater read an article about how unhappy people were with a bronze statue of Lucy located in Celeron, New York, dubbed “Scary Lucy” (created by another sculptor) she was inspired to sculpt a beautiful Lucille Ball Portrait Bust for her private collection. Slater says that if she were to sculpt a public statue of Lucy it would be the comedic ‘I Love Lucy’ that is so widely recognizable. But this life size portrait bust is a tribute to the “Glamorous Lucille Ball” from a compilation of her modeling, pre-series glamour shots. Slater wanted to capture that dreamy faraway look Lucy had in so many of those elegant photographs.  As one gentleman commented, “I wonder if Lucy realized just how beautiful she was?”

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Ed Hedrick Bronze Bust, The Father of Frisbee and Disc Golf, Ed Hedrick Memorial Museum

Slater was contacted by Farina Hedrick to sculpt a life size portrait bust of her dearly departed husband, Ed Hedrick. Slater was supplied with photographs of Hedrick from which to sculpt the beautifully detailed portrait. Farina Hedrick traveled to Slater’s sculpture studio to view the completed clay bust and was so pleased, she burst into tears when she first saw the portrait. She gave approval for the molds to be made and the bust to be cast in bronze. When the bust was completed in bronze it was custom crated and shipped to Appling, Georgia and installed in the Ed Hedrick Memorial Museum. Following an afternoon round of Disc Golf, all of the tournament participants and guests were invited into the International Disc Golf Center clubhouse for the unveiling of the bronze bust of “Steady” Ed Headrick. Special guests, Farina Headrick and Josh Orzech were in attendance to represent the DGA, who commissioned the bust. The feeling inside the clubhouse was electric as Josh spoke about Ed and his contributions to the game and the PDGA. Following his inspiring words, Farina Headrick unveiled the bust to deafening applause before giving the bust a gentle kiss. “Steady” Ed touched the lives of millions […]

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Jimmy Jimmerson Bronze Portrait Bust, Attorney and Principle Founder of Jimmerson Law Firm

Slater was commissioned to sculpt a life size portrait bust of Jimmy Jimmerson, an attorney and principle founder of Jimmerson Law Firm in Las Vegas. Slater was supplied with photographs of Jimmerson at a slightly younger age. Slater sculpted the beautifully detailed bust and received approval from the many high resolution digital photographs she emailed to the client. The molds were made and the bust was cast in finely finished bronze with an exquisite patina. Slater’s husband supplied the finishing touch with a Master Art Pedestal. The famous Wayne Newton was Master of Ceremonies for a large and extravagant unveiling even to honor Mr. Jimmerson. Jimmerson has represented many high profile celebrities and sports figures. He is a former long-time member of the State Bar of Nevada Board of Governors and served as a lawyer representative to Ninth Circuit Judicial Conferences. He has been a Member of the Board of Governors of the American Bar Association, and has been selected to be in The Best Lawyers in America and Pre-Eminent Lawyers in Martingale-Hubbell. He is a member of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) and the American College of Family Trial Lawyers, and a member of the Family Law […]

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Bronze Portrait Bust of Sarah Yarmand, Lovely Iranian Actress and Poetess

Bronze Portrait Bust by Paula Slater of Sarah Yarmand

Aydin Areta commissioned Slater to sculpt a life size portrait bust of his lovely wife Sarah Yarmand as a special gift for her 40th birthday. Since this was a surprise gift, it was kept a secret until Aydin presented photographs of the clay portrait sculpture to Sarah at her large birthday celebration in Australia. The bust is now being molded and will be cast in bronze in time for their wedding anniversary on July 10th. Sarah is a medical doctor, a gifted Persian poet and an actress. Sarah starred in the short movie “Untold” that was accepted to the Cannes film Festival 2017.

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Elmer Hemphill Bronze Portrait Bust, Founder and President of the Hemphill Corporation

Slater was contacted by Audrey Hemphill who wanted to commission a life size bronze bust of her husband Elmer. This was to be a surprise gift to celebrate his company’s 50 years in business. Audrey supplied Slater with photographs of Elmer and was thoroughly delighted with the finished portrait of her husband. Audrey also ordered a custom pedestal from Chris Slater to proudly display the bust in Elmer’s office.

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Marilyn Boyette Bronze Portrait Bust, 25 Years Serving as Huntington Park’s Elected City Clerk

Marilyn Boyette was the chosen ‘Woman of the Century’ for Huntington Park for her many years of work for the City. She was elected City Clerk in 1976 and serving the city for 25 years in that position. She was also very active in the community, volunteering her time at several organizations, including the Salvation Army and YMCA among other groups. Slater was commissioned to sculpt a life size portrait bust of Boyette and was given photographs of her from a slightly younger age before her retirement. Boyette’s hair style had changed a little also, however Slater was able to sculpt a keen likeness of Marilyn and captured her lovely generous spirit in bronze. The portrait bust was installed in the Huntington Park City Hall and its unveiling was a great surprise to Marilyn. She and her family were thrilled with the bronze portrait and Marilyn was honored to be remembered by the City in such an impressive and lasting way.

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Albert Hale Atwood Bronze Bust, Co-founder of the Southern California Contractors Association

Albert Hale Atwood had been co-founder of the Southern California Contractors Association and the Association wanted to honor Mr. Atwood by commissioning a memorial bust. Slater was supplied with photographs of Atwood from which to sculpt his portrait. She emailed in-process photographs of the clay sculpture to make certain everyone was on the “same page” as the portrait progressed. High resolution photographs were emailed to the clients upon the completion of the clay portrait and it received overwhelming approval to proceed with the molds and bronze casting process. This elegant bronze bust was custom crated and shipped to the Southern California Contractors Association headquarters for installation. Since its founding in 1974, the Southern California Contractors Association has advocated for the Construction Industry. With the home office located in the City of Orange, SCCA has developed a solid base consisting of over 300 members, specializing in heavy highway and civil engineering. Representing all union contractors across the 12 southern counties of Southern California where Signatory Contractors are paired with active and supporting Affiliate Companies, this makes the association the strongest all union association in Southern California. Atwood would be so proud to see his legacy continues.

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Mayor Frank G. Bonelli Bronze Portrait Bust, ‘Man of the Century’ Huntington Park City Hall

Frank G. Bonelli was chosen as ‘Man of the Century’ for Huntington Park. This memorial portrait was in gratitude by the City for Bonelli’s contributions as past Mayor of Huntington Park.  Slater was selected to sculpt this portrait bust of Bonelli and she was able to capture his wonderfully positive and infectious spirit. The bronze bust was installed in a place of honor in the Huntington Park City Hall. It was unveiled as a surprise to his delighted wife. The Bonelli family was overjoyed with this bronze portrait of their beloved husband, father and grandfather.

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Custom Bronze Portrait Bust of the President and CEO of a Healthcare Hospital

Life Size Bronze Portrait Bust by Paula Slater

Slater received a commission to sculpt a Custom Bronze Portrait Bust of Healthcare Hospital CEO. The two life size bronze castings were made for installation upon custom solid granite pedestals at the two entrances to the new Hospital. The castings were both given an elegant dark patina. Each of the two custom solid granites Pedestals were supplied by Keith Monument Company and they had a glass case attached (please see attached photos).

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Frank Kiang Bronze Portrait Bust, Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Metropolitan Bank

Frank Kiang Bronze Bust by Paula Slater Sculpture

Slater was awarded the commission to sculpt a life size portrait bust of Frank Kiang for installation in the new Asian Health Services. She was supplied with photographs and video of Mr. Kiang and in her research read about all the wonderful contributions of this generous philanthropist and businessman. Kiang was born in China and entered the U.S. at age 21. He earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of California at Berkeley, a master’s degree at Washington University in St. Louis, and his Ph.D. in economics at Oklahoma State University. He founded what is now Metropolitan Bank in 1981 and held the position of chief executive officer and chairman of the board at the time of his passing. He sought to raise the standing and visibility of Asian Americans through his activism in the Organization of Chinese Americans and the Asian American Bankers Association, and served his community as a member of both the Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation Board of Advisors (2000-2007) and the Port of Oakland Board of Commissioners (1998-2006). Frank Kiang was and continues to be, a role model and inspiration to his family, friends, and community for his leadership, integrity and humanity.

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Michael McCready, Esq. Bronze Portrait Bust, Founder of McCready Law Firm in Chicago

Bronze Portrait Bust of Michael McCready by Paula Slater

Slater received the testimonial above from her client who is the wife of the gentleman whose bronze portrait bust she sculpted. He is a well-known attorney, who for the present moment shall remain nameless because this is a surprise gift from his wife. The life size clay portrait bust has been completed, approved by the client, and the molds have been made. It has gone through the complex foundry process and is a very dynamic portrait cast in bronze with a warm glowing patina. An unveiling party is planned for the end of September, 2017. Stay tuned for photographs of Mike’s great surprise! Mike’s name can now be revealed, he is Michael McCready, the founder of McCready Law Firm in Chicago, Illinois. Mike was greatly surprised by his wife’s gift to him of his life size bronze portrait bust. It was unveiled at a spectacular event and is now proudly installed in a lovely alcove in the lobby of his Law Firm.

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Sohrab Aarabi ‘Freedom Warrior’ Bronze Portrait Bust,19 Year Old Iranian Pro-Democracy Student

Sohrab Aarabi Freedom Warrior Bronze Bust by Paula Slater, Iran Protester in 2009

Slater sculpted a Bronze Portrait Bust of Sohrab Aarabi, Freedom Warrior. Please also see Slater’s Bronze Portrait Bust of Neda Agha-Soltan to read more about the fight for freedom in Iran. Below is an article about the bronze portrait bust of this courageous Iranian Freedom Fighter. Payvand: Sohrab Aarabi ‘Freedom Warrior of Iran’ will be Memorialized in Bronze Dec 12, 2009 San Francisco City Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi will unveil renown sculptor, Paula Slater’s bronze portrait sculptures of Sohrab ‘Freedom Warrior’ and Neda ‘Angel of Freedom’ on December 12th in San Francisco as part of “Arts United 4 Iran”. Master sculptor, Paula Slater, who sculpted the much beloved bronze portrait sculptures of Neda ‘Angel of Iran’ and Neda ‘Angel of Freedom’ received many requests for her to also please sculpt a portrait bust of Sohrab Aarabi.  Sohrab was a 19 year old Iranian pro-democracy student who disappeared after his participation in a June 2009 protest against the fraudulent election.  Aarabi’s parents filed a missing person’s report and each day his mother took his photograph to prisons and courts in search of information. It wasn’t until 26 days after he went missing that the government finally notified his parents of his death. […]

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Kelly Vaughn Bronze Portrait Bust, a Child Model Who is Now Grown into a Lovely Young Woman

When Leslie Vaughn phoned Slater about her father wanting to commission a bronze portrait bust of his granddaughter, Kelly, Slater was delighted.  Slater and Leslie were friends for many years and she had watched Leslie’s beautiful little girl become a child model. Slater enjoyed sculpting Kelly’s delicate little features in every detail. With the approval of the clay bust by Kelly’s parents and her grandfather, Slater proceeded with having the molds made and the portrait cast in a rich glowing bronze. Kelly is now a grown young woman and off to college, but this bronze portrait will always be treasured by her parents and grandfather as a visual memory of her as their adorable little girl.

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Asian Inspired Bronze Gallery

As you approach a Paula Slater Sculpture you are immediately filled with the sense of  East gracefully blending with West. Linger if you will, peering into the expressive eyes of each bronze. The profound influence of  Eastern spiritual philosophy and symbolism is clearly felt in this acclaimed Western sculptor’s sensitive work. Her sculptures exude affirmations of inner peace, connectedness, and the joy of  being in the moment.  

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Reverand Arthur Ginart Bronze Bust, St. Nicholas of Myra Church on Lake Catherine, New Orleans

Mike Ginart commissioned Slater to sculpt a life size memorial bronze portrait bust of his uncle Reverend Ginart, also known as Father Red.  Father Arthur ‘Red’ Ginart had been a Pastor of St. Nicholas of Myra Church on Lake Catherine, New Orleans for 29 years. Neither Ginart nor his church survived Hurricane Katrina. Father Red, age 64, was very protective of his church and refused to leave it during the storm. The bronze portrait bust now sits in the left side altar of the newly rebuilt church. It is clothed in a stole Father Red wore that was found on site after the storm. Archbishop Aymond welcomed back and blessed standing-room-only crowd at St. Nicholas. He called the day an important and historic day in the life of this parish to celebrate and to lovingly remember their former pastor, Father Red, who “gave his life and literally lost his life caring for this flock” by staying inside the church in August 2005 during the “unwelcomed guest called Katrina that came and wouldn’t leave.”

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Henry Taub Bronze Bust, Founder of ADP and President of the American Technion Society

Henry Taub Bronze Portrait Bust by Paula Slater Sculpture for ADP Corporate Headquarters

Slater was commissioned to sculpt a life size memorial portrait bust of Henry Taub. She was given photographs of Taub as he looked in middle age and photographs from his much later aged life. She was asked to interpret how he would have appeared in between these two ages. In all of these photographs he had a pleasant closed mouth smile. However, once the clay sculpture was completed, the family decided they wanted the portrait of Taub to have a broader smile with his teeth showing and they supplied Slater with a new photograph. Slater sculpted the additional edit and the clay bust was approved by the family and was ready for the mold and bronze casting process. In 1949, Taub founded Automatic Payrolls, Inc. (API), that company is now known as Automatic Data Process (ADP and is the leading provider of computerized payroll and benefits management services to employers in the U.S. Taub served as national president of the American Technion Society and chair of the Technion International Board of Governors from 1990 to 2003. Taub and his wife, Marilyn, spearheaded numerous Technion projects, including the Henry and Marilyn Taub and Family Science and Technology Center, ]a Technion campus […]

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Patrick Barrasso Bronze Relief Portrait, In Balance Ranch Academy located in Southern Arizona

Betsy Barrasso commissioned Slater to sculpt a bronze relief portrait of Patrick Barrasso, her husband, as a surprise gift to celebrate the ten year anniversary of their company, In Balance Ranch. Betsy supplied Slater with photographs of Patrick to use for reference. The Mission Statement of In Balance Ranch is commitment to assisting each student and his family in the journey of recovery, sobriety, and academic achievement. They endeavor to facilitate healing in the individual and in the family, equipping them with the necessary tools to live a healthy, productive and joyful life. In Balance Ranch Academy is a nationally recognized therapeutic boarding school located in beautiful southern Arizona, less than one hour from Tucson. Their program offers an atmosphere conducive to self-reflection and serenity and provides young men with a unique experience that inspires self-evaluation, discovery and growth. They believe that in order for a young person to be successful in recovery it is their responsibility to instill in them that recovery can be not only rewarding, but fun as well. Located in beautiful southern Arizona, less than one hour from Tucson, In Balance Ranch offers an atmosphere conducive to self-reflection and serenity. Their program provides young men with a unique experience that inspires self-evaluation, […]

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Gentle Wisdom

This fine art bronze affirms the wisdom of age through a gentle spirit connection and a focused appreciation of the moment. $5,600. + shipping Please order directly from the artist.   This highly detailed fine art bronze affirms the wisdom of age through a gentle spirit connection and a focused appreciation of the moment.

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Kuan Yin: The Dance of Compassion

Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, has universal appeal. This gentle Lady brings comfort and inner peace, no matter what the outer circumstances.   “….I smile and am silent, and even my soul remains quiet.  I live in the other world which no one owns.  The peach trees blossom.  The water flows.”      LiPo

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Terry Clarke Memorial Bronze Portrait Bust, Worldwide Barbershop Quartet Trophy

Terry Clarke Memorial Bronze Bust, Portrait Bust by Paula Slater Sculpture, Worldwide Barbershop Quartet Trophy

The Terry Clarke Memorial Bronze Bust was commissioned by the Worldwide Barbershop Quartet Association. The portrait bust is of one of their much beloved singers and will be a life size bronze portrait trophy that will travel internationally to their competitions for the next 40 years. The names of the competition winners will be inscribed on the back of the bronze base and a bronze plaque will be attached to the front of the base and reads: :                  TERRY CLARKE MEMORIAL TROPHY               A dedicated quartet man who exemplified              our mission of singing, fellowship and fun.                 Awarded each year to the winner of the                  Worldwide Barbershop Quartet Contest.   The Quartet Association and the Clarke family wanted the portrait of Terry to have his big trademark smile and express his “twinkle”. They all loved the clay portrait which has now been molded and is in the bronze casting process.

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