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“Albert Hale Atwood”

“Paula, we received the bronze bust today. We opened the crate and there was Albert looking back at us. We love the bust, it looks just like him! We will certainly commission you again if we need any addition bronze portraits. And feel free to use us for a recommendation to other clients!”
~ Teresa Maxwell
Brutoco Engineering and Construction
Location: Southern California Contractors Association, City of Orange, California
Size: Life Size
Year Completed: 2006

Albert Hale Atwood had been co-founder of the Southern California Contractors Association and the Association wanted to honor Mr. Atwood by commissioning a memorial bust. Slater was supplied with photographs of Atwood from which to sculpt his portrait. She emailed in-process photographs of the clay sculpture to make certain everyone was on the “same page” as the portrait progressed. High resolution photographs were emailed to the clients upon the completion of the clay portrait and it received overwhelming approval to proceed with the molds and bronze casting process. This elegant bronze bust was custom crated and shipped to the Southern California Contractors Association headquarters for installation.

Since its founding in 1974, the Southern California Contractors Association has advocated for the Construction Industry. With the home office located in the City of Orange, SCCA has developed a solid base consisting of over 300 members, specializing in heavy highway and civil engineering. Representing all union contractors across the 12 southern counties of Southern California where Signatory Contractors are paired with active and supporting Affiliate Companies, this makes the association the strongest all union association in Southern California. Atwood would be so proud to see his legacy continues.