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Andy Anderson Relief Portrait Award Plaque

Hi Paula,

Many thanks for the new pics as we had a wonderful event yesterday and was received so very well. Andy was surprised and he thought the clay looked great. The organization loved the sentiment behind the award and are all looking forward to the final piece.

Again, many thanks!
~ Whitney Grande
VP - Environmentlal, Health and Safety
Aera Energy, LLC
Location: Aera Energy, LLC
Bakersfield, California
Size: 16" High by 10" wide
Year Completed: 2022

Andy Anderson relief portrait award plaque is completed in clay and is presently being molded for bronze casting. It is 16″ high by 10″ wide relief portrait of Andy Anderson who retired from his position of Senior Vice President of Operations at Aera Energy. Once it is cast in bronze it will be an annual Environmental, Health, and Safety Award in his honor that will rotate to the different Aera facilities. Each year a bronze name tag of the winner will be attached to the lower portion of the plaque. Andy was presented with a photograph of the clay relief portrait at his retirement celebration on September 1st and he loved it!!