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Bertrand Russell Bronze Portrait Bust

"I'm really happy with the portrait. You've captured him completely and I like that he has a pleasant expression. Although photographs of Bertrand Russell often show him with a very serious expression he had a great sense of humor."
~ Ben August
Client Who Commissioned the Bronze Bust
"Wonderful bust. Hope it will be exhibited soon. He [Bertrand Russell] was one person I greatly admired. Have a photo of him that was up in my office at MIT for many years. Never met him, regrettably. We did have a brief correspondence."
~ Noam Chomsky
Famed Linguist, Author, Political Activist, and Professor at M.I.T.
"I don't know how you were able to sculpt his eyes so realistically. You can just look into those eyes and see the man."
~ Simi August
Wife of Ben August
"Thank you Paula [for the photographs of the Bertrand Russell Bust]--they're handsome! Did you send them to Noam and Valeria Chomsky?"
~ John Paul Jones, Ph.D.
Dean of Social & Behavioral Sciences at University of Arizona
University of Arizona
Location: Artworks Bronze Foundry
Berkeley, California
Size: Life Size
Year Completed: 2018

The Bertrand Russell Bronze Portrait Bust by Paula Slater has now been completed. Nobel Laureate, Lord Russell was a British Philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, writer and political activist. He was a brilliant man and Slater enjoyed sculpting his life size portrait–“his face had so much character and he had a wonderfully unique shaped head.”