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Charles Albert Adams Bust

A commission to sculpt the Charles Albert Adams Bust was awarded to Paula Slater from the Freemason Masonic Order. Charles Adams was a past Grand Master, however they could only find one photo of him (a profile) so Slater did her best in sculpting his likeness and filling in the blanks of what he must have looked like face forward and in the round. They were thrilled with what was achieved using just the one profile photo for reference.

Charles Adams was a San Francisco attorney, who was elected Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of California Masons in 1920. Concerned about the crisis in California’s education system following the first world war, he founded Public Schools week to promote masonic support for education. A successful initiative which has resulted on over $30 million contributed by California masons to public education. Next year marks the 100th anniversary of Public Schools week, and the fraternity wished to commemorate Mr. Adams with a bronze portrait bust.

When the bust is cast in bronze it will be displayed in their beautiful new masonic lodge room, Freemason’s Hall, located at the Masonic Memorial Temple in San Francisco

(The in-progress profile photo: This is a rough in-progress photo of the bust as Slater had just began sculpting the general proportions of his profile. She then flipped the photo and worked on the opposite side of his face, and from there Paula could see how the front of his face was starting to take form.)