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Ed Hedrick Bronze Bust, The Father of Frisbee and Disc Golf, Ed Hedrick Memorial Museum

“Dear Paula, It’s like looking right into Ed’s face. The eyes capture his expression. Mission accomplished! Thank you so much!’

We are in your debt and we greatly appreciate your prompt service. We will send you pictures of the unveiling as soon as we return. Thank you again.”
~ Farina Hedrick
Wife of Ed Hedrick
“Farina Headrick unveiled the bust to deafening applause before giving the bust a gentle kiss.”
~ Professional Disc Golf Association News
Location: Ed Hedrick Memorial Museum,
PDGA International Disc Golf Center, Wildwood Park
Appling, Georgia
Size: Life Size
Year Completed: 2010

Slater was contacted by Farina Hedrick to sculpt a life size portrait bust of her dearly departed husband, Ed Hedrick. Slater was supplied with photographs of Hedrick from which to sculpt the beautifully detailed portrait. Farina Hedrick traveled to Slater’s sculpture studio to view the completed clay bust and was so pleased, she burst into tears when she first saw the portrait. She gave approval for the molds to be made and the bust to be cast in bronze.

When the bust was completed in bronze it was custom crated and shipped to Appling, Georgia and installed in the Ed Hedrick Memorial Museum. Following an afternoon round of Disc Golf, all of the tournament participants and guests were invited into the International Disc Golf Center clubhouse for the unveiling of the bronze bust of “Steady” Ed Headrick. Special guests, Farina Headrick and Josh Orzech were in attendance to represent the DGA, who commissioned the bust. The feeling inside the clubhouse was electric as Josh spoke about Ed and his contributions to the game and the PDGA. Following his inspiring words, Farina Headrick unveiled the bust to deafening applause before giving the bust a gentle kiss.

“Steady” Ed touched the lives of millions of people from around the world. He was the father of Frisbee and disc golf. He dedicated his life to spreading the joy and fun of the Frisbee game and especially disc golf. His vision, enthusiasm and selflessness has given us a way of life that will endure until we come to the last disc golf hole.” – Victor Malafronte (PDGA 2002)