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"Paula, Thank you for your work honoring our mother. It certainly is attractive and so much more so than the other one in Celeron." [by another sculptor]
~ Desi Arnaz, Jr. and Lucie Arnaz
Location: Presently at the Artwork Bronze Foundry, Berkeley, California
Size: Life Size Portrait Bust of Lucille Ball, the model
Year Completed: 2017

People were unhappy with a bronze statue of Lucy located in Celeron, New York, dubbed “Scary Lucy” (created by another sculptor) so Slater chose to sculpt a beautiful Lucille Ball for her private collection.

Slater says that if she were to sculpt a public statue of Lucy it would be the comedic ‘I Love Lucy’ that is so widely recognizable. But this life size portrait bust is a tribute to the “Glamorous Lucille Ball” from a compilation of her modeling, pre-series glamour shots. Slater wanted to capture that dreamy faraway look Lucy had in many of those elegant photographs.  As one gentleman commented, “I wonder if Lucy realized just how beautiful she was?”