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“Michael McCready, Esq. Bronze Portrait Bust”

"Mike LOVES the bust! I am waiting for the video of the surprise event from the film company, but I do have pictures. I will forward you the link to check it out."
~ Denise McCready
Wife of Michael McCready
"OMG!!!!! WOW!!!!! I have no words!!!!! Holy $!$?$?
Thank you SO much!"
~ Denise McCready
Wife of the portrait subject who is an attorney.
"Oh my handsome son!!! Beautiful job!
~ Judith McCready
Mike's Mother
Location: In route to the dedication destination
Size: Life Size
Year Completed: 2017

Slater received the testimonial above from her client who is the wife of the gentleman whose bronze portrait bust she sculpted. He is a well-known attorney, who for the present moment shall remain nameless because this is a surprise gift from his wife. The life size clay portrait bust has been completed, approved by the client, and the molds have been made. It has gone through the complex foundry process and is a very dynamic portrait cast in bronze with a warm glowing patina. An unveiling party is planned for the end of September, 2017. Stay tuned for photographs of Mike’s great surprise!

Mike’s name can now be revealed, he is Michael McCready, the founder of McCready Law Firm in Chicago, Illinois. Mike was greatly surprised by his wife’s gift to him of his life size bronze portrait bust. It was unveiled at a spectacular event and is now proudly installed in a lovely alcove in the lobby of his Law Firm.