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Monumental ‘Faeries in Waiting’

”This bronze sculpture is so beautiful I want to display her right out in front of my new fine art gallery in Palm Beach Gardens. She will be a magnificent attraction!”
~ Debra Onessimo
Onessimo Fine Art Gallery
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Location: Onessimo Fine Art Gallery, Now Telluride, Colorado
Size: 8-1/2’ High
Year Completed: 2004

This stunning whimsical bronze is a monumental version of the 30” high ‘Faeries in Waiting’ bronze from Slater’s Royal Faerie Bronze Series. Please see her Limited Edition Bronze series at http://www.EmpressEditions.com


“While walking through a meadow

did you catch a glimpse of her from the corner of your eye?

With jeweled wings and faeries in waiting,

this Royal Faerie Princess lightly tiptoes across a lily pond,

reveling in the light of a brilliant new dawn….”

Paula Slater