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Monumental ‘Faeries in Waiting’

”This bronze sculpture is so beautiful I want to display her right out in front of my new fine art gallery in Palm Beach Gardens. She will be a magnificent attraction!”
~ Debra Onessimo
Onessimo Fine Art Gallery
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Location: Onessimo Fine Art Gallery, Now Telluride, Colorado
Size: 8-1/2’ High
Year Completed: 2004

This stunning whimsical bronze is a monumental version of the 30” high ‘Faeries in Waiting’ bronze from Slater’s Royal Faerie Bronze Series. (Please see Limited Edition Bronze in the Sculpture Dropdown Menu to see Slater’s other sculptural designs in this series).


“While walking through a meadow

did you catch a glimpse of her from the corner of your eye?

With jeweled wings and faeries in waiting,

the Royal Faerie Princess lightly tiptoes across a lily pond,

reveling in the light of a brilliant new dawn….”

Paula Slater