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Religious Temple Sculpture

"Paula, I sincerely want to thank you and Chris for all your love, care, and the great work that you have created for me and our church. The bronze sculpture of our 'Mother' is beautiful. May our Mother bless you, protect you, and keep you healthy at all time."
~ Dr. Cheuyengther Xiong
“The chair looks so beautiful in the polished bronze. I'm sure it will look amazing after the patina. Thanks Chris and Paula"
~ Dr. Cheuyengther Xiong
“Paula, the clay Sculpture looks great and everyone loves it! It looks so great we can’t wait to see it cast into bronze.”
~ Dr. Cheuyengther Xiong
Location: Presently at the Artworks Foundry, Berkeley, California
Size: 8-1/2’ High Bronze
Year Completed: 2017

The Making of a Monumental Bronze Portrait of a Hmong Spiritual Leader

Slater’s latest Monumental Bronze Portrait Sculpture of a Hmong Spiritual Leader was recently finished by the bronze foundry. The ornately costumed Hmong spiritual leader is seated in an elaborately designed chair (constructed by Slater’s husband, master woodworker and mold maker Chris Slater, with relief sculpture by Paula, and then cast in bronze). The bronze chair and portrait figure were both finely finished in preparation for the lustrous golden patina. The completed sculpture will be installed in a temple to be built in Oroville, California.

The 1.5 times life size portrait sculpture of Leej Niam was commissioned by a Hmong Church. This religion honors the Mother and Mother Earth. Their spirituality is to love one another and love our Mother Earth. “Our Mother places her right hand over her left hand on her chest to symbolize her love for nature, all living things, and human beings.”  She is wearing an ornate ceremonial costume and headdress and seated with her feet in a large bronze bowl partially filled with water, a tradition in keeping with the Laotian high mountain religion. The bronze chair and portrait figure were both finely finished in preparation for the lustrous golden patina.

The following is a link to  website for the community that plans to build the church in Oroville, California.  https://www.kevntseegleejniam.org

There is a video on the website of the 170 beautiful acres of land they have purchased for the community and church.