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Paula, Our dream to create a Veterans Mall in Ludington along the shore of Lake Michigan began with you. Our family searched for months to find a most worthy tribute to all veterans. A Google search produced an image of the “Ascent of Heroism” and sent goose bumps up my spine.

A year later our dream has become a reality with not one Paula Slater sculpture but two. Seeing your Ascent of Heroism in person will move one’s very soul, there is so much to see and every veteran and family member who looks at it will deeply connect. The centerpiece of the Mall is your larger than life bust of William Charette who’s very likeness has been so expertly captured. But upon looking into his eyes, his very spirit is in there too. He will now forever gaze towards the waters of Lake Michigan.

Paula you are not only a Modern Master, you are humble, unselfish, and extremely caring. Your time spent being interviewed by our newspaper and your evening at our Art Center was so appreciated, but the gift of your talent made our Veterans Mall so much more than our committee ever dreamed. You and Chris are always welcome, and we will leave the light on for you at the cabin. Forever Grateful,

Budde Reed  –  Client for the Ludington Veterans Mall Ludington, MI

Dear Paula, There are hardly the right words to convey to you our thoughts of thanks and gratitude for your fine work on the bust of our brother/uncle William Charette. Please know that we feel so honored and that his medal of honor legacy will live on through your wonderful work. In gratitude,

Tom and Patricia Ezdebski  –  Nephew of William Charette Ludington, MI

“I want to thank Paula Slater, our Sculptor, for the remarkable work she has done in crafting this monument. We have a stunning world class monument because of her. Paula, you are not only the Sculptor on this magnificent monument, but you now are a great friend and family member of the Hmong family. Your kindness and skillful abilities in building this monument will forever remain in the heart of the Hmong people.”

Dr. Cheuyengther Xiong  –  President of the GVP Monument Committee and Lao Family Community Empowerment, Inc.

“Paula, The bronze bust and pedestal arrived in perfect condition and the unveiling was a total success. Jim loved his portrait bust! We’ll get photographs of the dedication to you as soon as we get them from the photographer.”

Kim  –  Executive Assistant to Jim Jimmerson, Jimmerson Hanson Law Firm

“My clients all love the Dubuis bronze bust we received today. Please cast four more with the same patina. They will probably order an additional two or three more casting next year as well. So, job well done!”

Michael L. Telleya  –  Art Dallas Gallery

“Paula, Thank you for meticulously sculpting all five of the huge National Monument bronze sculptures and as the final component to the design, thank you for sculpting the Not Forgotten Fountain in masterful detail. Paula you have been a huge blessing to this project. I am grateful for all that you did to help create this national treasure into reality. I really enjoyed working with you, but more so, developing a great friendship.”

John C. Burnam  –  Founder of the John Burnam Monument Foundation

“It is my pleasure to recommend Paula. I can assure you her professionalism and attention to detail is second to none. She is an amazing lady and world class sculptor.”

Larry Chilcoat  –  JBMF Board of Directors

“Paula, I am so grateful for your talent, knowledge of your business, the vendors you deal with and your guidance in the process of the creation of the Military Working Dog Teams National Monument and the Not Forgotten Fountain. You were very patient and kind, for the project was one of so many very difficult and complex emotions by all involved.

Your work ethic and your attention to the most minute detail makes each item that you create a center piece of attention and discussion with everyone in attendance. Thank you Paula. You are the best.”

Richard Duggans  –  John Burnam Monument Foundation (JBMF)

“Paula, I just wanted to say I’ve been following the work you have been doing on the U.S. Military Working Dog Teams National Monument and I am impressed with your work. I especially like to compliment you on your exceptional job on detail. Again, you’re doing a beautiful job in honoring our service men and K9’s that have protected our country. Your willingness to spend long hours in meticulous research has brought impressive results. Congratulations on your quality of work that will be appreciated by all and salute you for your significant contribution.”

James A. Cortina  –  Director, CPWDA K9, Connecticut Police Work Dog Association

“As an animal artist myself, viewing the majestic bronzes of these breeds made it clear Slater had accomplished her goal. It is a testament to her work that I was drawn to touch, feel, and pet the bronze lifelike dogs as if they were real.”

Cori Solomon  –  Dogster Magazine

“Dear Mrs. Slater,
Your work is very good! The face is perfect! The rank is perfect (of course on both the sleeves!) and the boots are wonderful!!! You are great! I’m very happy! Many thanks.”

Cordiali Saluti  –  AVV. Fulcieri Graziani (son of Giulio Cesare Graziani)

“WOW!!! Great work, Paula! Ronald Emmerich, the Director of the Movie ‘Anonymous’, loved the portrait bust of Edward de Vere presented to him.”

Ben August  –  Verily Shakespeare Company

“I’m Catherine, Bob’s wife. We just looked at the pictures of Del’s sculpture and we were speechless. It is phenomenal and we can only imagine what it will look like in bronze. Thanks for sharing and for your incredible work.”

Catherine & Bob Hilliard

“Del arrived safely. Absolutely beautiful and very very touching….He is back home. I owe so much too you…”

Bob Hilliard

“Dear Paula,
We thank you for your great attention to the details of this very wonderful project. Please proceed with the molds and bronze casting as we are looking forward to the future celebration of this tribute to Frank Kiang. The new center’s grand opening was attended by most of the most prominent local leaders. They are also very interested in the unveiling ceremony for the Bronze Bust of Frank Kiang.”

Sherry Hirota  –  CEO Asian Health Services, Inc.

“Paula, Thank you for doing such a great job on the portrait of Henry Taub. It will be installed in a place of honor in the ADP corporate headquarters in Roseland, New Jersey.”

Sherry  –  Executive Assistant

“Dear Paula, Mike has reviewed the pictures of the portrait of Uncle Red and said it looks great! Please proceed with the molds.”

Thanks, Wendy Cuccia for Michael Ginart

“Lovely job, Paula. Your portrait of Timothy looks just like my beautiful boy when he was that age. I wish he was still with us now so he could see it.”

Angela White  –  Mother of Timothy White

“Paula, Your portrait sculpture of Steven Stayner is exactly how I remember him. You’ve captured all the details of his face, his hands and the natural gait of his slender body. I can’t wait to see the sculpture in bronze at the dedication.”

Sharon Carr Griffin  –  (Steven Stayner's best childhood friend, before and after his escape from Kenneth Parnell)

“Paula, we’re in love with you and your work of art, and we would like to present you with a memento of our great appreciation!”

Senator Dan Kelly

“The Lincoln Bronze is great!!! All I can say is WOW!!! Thank you so much, Paula. The installation today went so smoothly. Now everyone is really excited.”

Kathy Elliot  –  Assistant City Project Coordinator, City of Springfield, Kentucky

“Paula we received the bronze bust today and we all absolutely love this portrait bust of President Lincoln. It will make an impressive presentation in our Lincoln Museum. The detail is amazing and you’ve brought Lincoln to life with that wonderful expression. Thank you.”

Kathy Elliot  –  Lincoln Legacy Museum

“You have sculpted a proud Persian Lioness whose spirit could not be broken,” as one Iranian gentleman wrote to me after seeing the bronze. Another wrote, “Incredible Paula! There is so much life, even in the photos, that I believe she could speak.” And another response, “It is so beautiful it is breathtaking, what a treasure for the Iranian people.”

One of the many emails Slater received about this second portrait of Neda.

“I would like to thank you in the name of all freedom seeking Iranians for your wonderful work of art. Both portraits of Neda are beautiful, but the second one frees her from the head cover, which removing it is one of the biggest wishes of the women in Iran. Thank you again and you have a special place in our hearts.”


“This is magnificent. I am really amazed with your magical art. No doubt that Parvin (Shorab’s mother) is proud of her son and will be very happy to hear about your work. I am not really sure where would be the best place to keep this fabulous art piece, but I think this must eventually go to the National Museum of a free Iran in the future.”

A-L  –  Neda Foundation, London

“Paula, I showed the in-progress photographs to the people who knew and worked with Frank Bonelli, and they loved it, loved it, loved it! When you are finished you’ve got approval to go straight to the bronze process.”

Josette Espinosa  –  Director of Parks & Recreation, Huntington Park, CA

“There are no words to express the awesome nature of your work Paula !!!! Beautiful, capturing, inviting, dramatic, spellbinding, just draws you to stand there and behold.

Once a kindergarden teacher asked a student what he was drawing, and he replied “God”. The teacher said, “But no one knows what God looks like. He replied, they will when I finish this picture!!…..So, Paula, we now know what Jesus looks like! Thank you again.”

Dr. Tom Chambers  –  First Baptist Church of Orlando

“As you know, I tried to keep these portrait sculptures a secret, because I wanted them to be a surprise birthday gift for my wife, Jennifer. However, I ended up telling my wife and just showed her your photograph of the finished clay portraits. Jennifer said, “Don’t change a thing!” She was delighted and thought they looked exactly like herself and Mary Kate. Now she can’t wait to see the finished portrait bronzes!!”

Dr. Robert Englehart

“This bronze sculpture is so beautiful I want to display her right out in front of my new fine art gallery in Palm Beach Gardens. She will be a magnificent attraction.”

Debra Onessimo  –  Onessimo Fine Art Gallery, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

“Hi Paula, The bust looks absolutely amazing! We received the pedestal last week and the bronze bust of Dr. Slater with granite base yesterday and had it all set up today. Everyone who has seen it is really impressed! We are just thrilled with how beautiful it turned out! Thank you for all your hard work! We will want to have more made up when we open new centers, so please keep the mold like we talked about. Thank you so so much!”

Jamie Slater  –  Corbett - Proton Therapy and Treatment Center, Loma Linda University Medical Center

“Dear Paula, It’s like looking right into Ed’s face. The eyes capture his expression. Mission accomplished! Thank you so much! We are in your debt and we greatly appreciate your prompt service. We will send you pictures of the unveiling as soon as we return.”

Farina Headrick  –  Disc Golf Assocation

“Paula, Thank you for the awesome artistic creation for this memorial! I can not thank you enough for having undertaken this project. You have exceeded all my expectations. I want to thank you and Chris for attending and making this such a special event. With Gratitude,”

Mike and Linda Hurm  –  Grandview Veterans Bronze Monument, Altoona, Pennsylvania

“We received Joshua’s Bronze yesterday. You did a beautiful job! We are still trying to decide where he shall be placed. Thank you for all your hard work on this project for us. I will keep you posted on where we finally decide to place him with some photographs. Thank you very much.”

Blake Collingsworth

“We’re in love with you and your fabulous piece of art (the Abraham Lincoln Monument) and we hope you come to Springfield often.”

Kentucky Senator Dan Kelly

“THE LINCOLN BRONZE IS GREAT!!! All I can say is WOW!!!! We think he is wonderful!! Thank you so much, Paula. The installation today went so smoothly. Now everyone is really excited. I will send more pictures soon.”

Kathy Elliott  –  Asst. City Project Coordinator, City of Springfield, Kentucky

“We received the bronze bust today and we all absolutely love this portrait bust of President Lincoln. It will make an impressive presentation in our Lincoln Museum. The detail is amazing and you’ve brought Lincoln to life with that wonderful expression. Thank you!”

Springfield Lincoln Museum

“The bronze portrait sculptures of Marilyn Boyette and Frank Bonelli are beautiful, thank you so very much. I love the patina colors. The families were awed by portrait bronzes and we had a wonderful unveiling and celebration.”

Josette Espinosa  –  Director of Parks and Recreation, Huntington Park, CA

“Dear Paula, Both my wife, Marty, and I very much enjoyed meeting you and continue to share between us our personal delight that you captured my likeness so keenly. We believe the University chose very wisely in selecting you for this work–which means so much to me and my family, as well as my extended family of the University of Texas Pan-American and all South Texans. Needless to say, I will highly recommend your artistry to those who may be interested in commissioning such a fine craftsman as you. With my highest personal regards, I remain, Sincerely,”

Congressman Ruben Hinojosa

“Paula, You did a fantastic job! The Congressman was very pleased and the glasses were perfect! Please keep me posted on the bronze casting; I want to unveil it at another event for the Congressman. Thanks for the photos.”

Dr. Roland S. Arriola  –  Vice President for External Affairs, The University of Texas Pan-American

“Paula, Thank you so much for all your efforts and understanding creating one of the most beautiful bronzes ever. Our heartfelt thanks to you for creating exactly what we had envisioned. Your work and creativity is unmatched, also we know this was done from your heart. It was a very special day for a lot of families, thank you for sharing your talents, time and especially your presence. You and your husband are very special people who we will never stop thanking.”

Deb & Randy Comeau  –  Port Huron Mining Memorial Commission

“Paula, The bust is just magnificent. It made my hair stand up on the back of my neck when I first saw it. Tell Chris the pedestal was really great also. I will send you some pictures and comments from people after Saturday. Thanks again for an incredible job. I really don’t think that someone who knew Elmer could have captured the true man as you have.”

Audrey Hemphill  –  The Hemphill Corporation, Tulsa, Oklahoma

“Paula, I just wanted to let you know the meeting went very well, the committee members were just amazed with the photos of the statue. They were thrilled with the detail and can’t wait to see the finished bronze atop the pedestal. Deb and I are also very amazed with your talents. Just wanted to let you know this is deeply appreciated and you definitely have the go ahead to continue with the process.”

Randy Comeau  –  Port Huron Mining Memorial Commission

“Paula, I am completely speechless. I looked at the proofs and they made me want to reach out and hug him. You are doing an amazing job of capturing his true personality. You have my approval to continue as needed. Your talents are overwhelming.”

Audrey Hemphill  –  Elmer Hemphill Portrait Bust, Hemphill Corporation, Tulsa, Oklahoma

“Orlando is ‘known’ as the City of the ‘Worlds’….Disney World…..Sea World….Universal Studio….Holy Land Experience…..and we off handedly refer to our church as ‘Baptist World’ as we are centered here near them and have frequent visits from world travelers passing thru ‘the other worlds’. So NOW we are able to present Jesus to ‘The Worlds’ in such a majestic visual that will just leave all who pass by spellbound….. ‘Thank you’ seems paltry for our true feelings. As we have said previously, your talent is unmatched ! We consider this whole event to have been a divine appointment.”

Dr. Tom Chambers  –  Orlando Baptist Church

“WOW!! The Risen Christ clay Sculpture is magnificent! All the members of our committee loved the photographs and approve. We can’t wait to see it in Bronze and installed in the entry to our Memorial Prayer Gardens.”

Bob Hudson  –  Orlando Baptist Church

“Paula, Link just LOVES his portrait sculpture! You were absolutely the right sculptor for the job. This is an amazing portrait and you are an amazing sculptor! Thanks again.”

Jeanne Barrett  –  Nevada Humane Society

“The bronze portrait is just terrific! I can’t believe all the amazing detail. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for doing such a great job!”

Link Piazzo

“Paula, We received the bronze bust today. We opened the crate and there was Albert looking back at us. We love the bust, it looks just like him! We will certainly commission you again if we need any additional bronze portraits. And feel free to use us for a recommendation to other clients!”

Teresa Maxwell  –  Brutoco Engineering and Construction

“Everything went well at the unveiling yesterday and Congressman Thomas was very pleased with his portrait bronze and he also really loved the patina. Thank you so much for all your great work on the portrait bust.”

Leigh Ann Cook  –  Office of Congressman Bill Thomas

“The bronze sculptures are beautiful and look just like Mary Kate and I! When my husband told me he had purchased something special for our garden remodel, I was afraid he’d bought some silly giant frog bronze or something. I was so excited to learn he had commissioned a portrait bronze of our daughter and myself. Thank you, Paula, for all your hard work and amazing talent.”

Jennifer Englehart

“Paula, we are so pleased with the bronze portrait sculpture of my father you created. As you saw at the unveiling, the bronze took everyone’s breath away. Anyone who knew George loved it because you captured him so beautifully in every detail. I thought you would be happy to know, people were so inspired by the portrait bronze you sculpted, that we received many donations to the M.S. Society after the unveiling ceremony. You should be very proud of the wonderful talent you have and I want to thank you again for attending the celebration and for your excellent work.”

Doug Bergeron

“The portrait bust you sculpted of Pat is wonderful! He looks so real and alive. You’ve captured every detail, his wonderful smile and full eye brows and his sweet curly ear lobes. I miss him, thank you for bringing him back to me.”

Lynn Collins

“Kim and Colette Cranston asked me to express to you their gratitude for your beautiful portrait sculpture of Alan. Thank you again, Paula, for sharing this work, and your dream, with me and the Cranston family.”

Zackary Allen  –  Global Security Institute

“Paula, we just received the beautiful ‘Gentle Wisdom’ bronze. It’s wonderful! Another exquisite piece of work. How fortunate we are to add it to our home and gaze upon it each day. Your work is so beautiful that we almost feel guilty about keeping it to ourselves!”

Amber & John Blethen

“The portrait bust of our daughter, Kelly, looks awesome! You have captured her completely. I am so excited, I can’t wait to show my sister. Your sculpting is incredible!!”

Leslie Vaughn

“Your detailing is absolutely amazing! At the grand opening party guests kept mistaking the bronze grandfather and grandson for real people.”

Desert Dreams Construction

“Paula, you have no idea how much pleasure you have brought to our new home via your truly superb bronze creation of the Rhodesian Ridgeback! You have managed to catch the regal poise, the intelligent eyes, the amazing ridge, and above all, that subtle quality of the wild. We are deeply grateful for this beautiful likeness of a wonderful breed.”

Rev. J.A. Lefevre, Ph.D.

“The Bill Elliott clay portrait looks great!!! Congrats on another fine effort!!! It is our intention to have another portrait piece out this year–we definitely want you to sculpt the original.”

Ed Kelly  –  Kelly Products/NASCAR

“Gorgeous!!!!!! – Oh my, I’m speechless. He’s so beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. I can’t wait to show him (Bronze Rhodesian Ridgeback) off.”

Yvonne DiFrancesco

“Paula, your sculpture is absolutely brilliant. Your deerhound head study perfectly captures the wonderful, wistful, wise look that so typifies the breed. What a superb work you have done for me!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Louise Kehoe

“It’s been such a pleasure working with you on the Debbie Mumm line. Debbie and our staff all love your sculpting work and professional attitude.”

Judy Robertson  –  Amcal Art

“We received the sculpture today–another great one! Thanks so much.”

Dejah Moore  –  United Design

“Thank you for all the fascinating faces you’ve sculpted for our line. They all have such detail and character–its just what we wanted.”

Cheryl Pomeroy  –  Oreon

“All of the sculptures are just wonderful! Thank you for doing such a professional job for our line.”

Walnut Creek Stationary

“You should pat yourself on the back all weekend–our clay portrait is perfect! It looks just like Mark Martin!!!”

Ed Kelly  –  Kelly Products/NASCAR

“Bravo! The sculpture is wonderful, I’m delighted. If you want me to write a recommendation I would be happy too. Included is a little bonus for doing such a great job. Many thanks!”

Sam Palahnuk

“Your sculpts are right ‘on model’. Great work! We’d be interested in looking at any other ideas you’d like to run by us.”

Natalie Nelson  –  Walt Disney Dimensions

“We’re very pleased. The doll sculpt looks beautiful! and seems good to go without any changes.”

Marissa Hopkins  –  Pivot Point International/Catalyst Marketing Group

“The work you did was incredible, excellent, excellent, excellent, triple, quadruple excellent! The sculpture looks just like the photograph”

Jim “The Trainer” Colovin

“I’m very pleased with the high quality of your work. I look forward to doing more business with you in the very near future!”

Donald Jacobs  –  Certificate Specialists

“We’re very happy with your sculptural work for us. You’re nine for nine projects so far!”

Eric Nelson  –  Art Director - Illusive Concepts

“I’m amazed with the detail you’ve gotten and his (the sculpture’s) expression is just beautiful and so true to life. It’s just what we wanted. You’ve been a joy to work with.”

Darle & Ross Carter