General Ulysses S. Grant Monument, for West Point

Paula Slater was awarded a commission to sculpt the General Ulysses S. Grant Monument for the United States Academy at West Point. The finely detailed full-figure bronze portrait of General Grant is 7-1/2ft high and is installed upon an elegant 4-1/2ft high solid granite base. Slater worked closely with the West Point Museum Curators to assure historical accuracy of the portrait and all uniform accoutrements. The General Grant portrait is portrayed in a four star General uniform of the Union Army during the Civil War. Grant worked under President Lincoln to put an end to slavery in America. Grant was later elected the 18th President of the United States. A 16 inch high small clay model was first sculpted by Slater for approval by West Point before sculpting the full size portrait. The small model has been molded and cast in a bronze limited edition. A wonderful Cover Story article was published in ‘The American Scholar’, a prestigious magazine first published in 1932. Slater’s photograph of her General Grant Portrait Statue is on the cover of the September 1st, Autumn 2019 edition. This is the link Also, there is a wonderful article about General Grant and the West Point … Continue reading General Ulysses S. Grant Monument, for West Point