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‘Angels Among Us’ Sculpture Design Sketch

"I really like this design--beautiful! Thank you Paula!
~ Sherry Rumley
Mother of Oliver Rumley
"It brings comfort and simple understanding. A powerful and permanent visual image for generations of kids who wonder and worry about heaven, God and death."
~ Robert C. Hilliard
Location: Incarnate Word Academy
Corpus Christie, Texas
Size: Life Size
Year Completed: 2017

Angels Among Us is a design sketch by Slater for the Incarnate Word Academy’s (IWA) new Montessori building prayer garden in Corpus Christie, Texas. Slater was asked to design a memorial to three young children (Oliver Rumley, and Andrew and Leighton McComb). Slater conferred with the children’s parents to incorporate each child’s favorite hobbies and pets. This final sketch was one of several designs created by Slater and was very much loved by the parents and client. However,  sadly the funds ended up not being available, so instead a tree and plaque were installed.