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Bronze Portrait Busts

“One of the benefits of sculpting portraits is the enjoyment of learning about the people I sculpt. Every life has a story to tell and our stories are written on our faces and shine through our eyes.”

Sculpting portraits is Paula Slater’s passion! She has sculpted more than three dozen bronze portrait busts–probably more bronze busts sculpted than any living sculptor today. When sculpting a portrait, Slater strives to capture not only the detailed physical features and likeness, but also the character and spirit of the individual. It’s as if the viewer can peer into the eyes of her portrait sculptures and sense the essence of the person. Because bronze is the ‘King of Metals’, bronze sculpture will outlive us all. Thus a bronze portrait bust can become a timeless public memorial or a cherished family heirloom that can be passed down through future generations.

Mahsa Zhina Amini 'Angel of Liberty' Bronze Bust Sculpture, Paula Slater Sculpture, Iranian Protester, Life Size Bronze Portrait

Mahsa Jina Amini Bronze Portrait Bust Sculpture ‘Angel of Liberty’

French Bishop Claude Marie Dubuis Bronze Bust, Five Castings Installed in the U.S. and France

General Ulysses S. Grant Bronze Portrait Bust by Paula Slater

General Ulysses S. Grant Bronze Bust, Casting Made From Molds of Slater’s Monument at West Point

Life Size Bronze Portrait Bust of Noam Chomsky by Paula Slater

Dr. Noam Chomsky Bronze Portrait Bust, Famed Linguist, Best Selling Author and Professor at MIT

Neda Agha-Soltan Bronze portrait Bust by paula slater sculpture, 2009 Iranian Protests, shot in the heart, Angel of Freedom

Neda Agha-Soltan, ‘Angel of Freedom’ Bust, Nedā is Persian for “voice”, “calling” or “divine message”

President Lincoln Bronze Bust, Installed in the Lincoln Legacy Museum in Springfield, Kentucky

Nobel Laureate Bertrand Russell Bronze Bust by Paula Slater

Sir Bertrand Russell Bronze Bust, Famous Nobel Laureate, Philosopher, Writer and Political Activist

Judge Leroy Contie Bronze Bust by Paula Slater, Canton, Ohio

Senior Appellate Court Judge Leroy Contie Bust, He Courageously Went Up Against the Mafia in Ohio

Dr. Hildebrando Perico Bronze Bust by Paula Slater

Dr. Hildebrando Perico Bronze Bust, Founder and President of Universidad, Bogota, Columbia, 1.5 Life Size

Charles Albert Adams Bronze Bust by Paula Slater for Freemasons

Charles Albert Adams Bronze Bust, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of California Masons in 1920

Andy Anderson Bronze Relief Plaque, Portrait Plaque, Bronze Award Plaque, Area Corporation, Paula Slater Sculptor

Andy Anderson Relief Portrait Plaque, Aera Energy Annual Environmental, Health, and Safety Award

Bronze Bust of Mayor Stanley Cmich by Paula Slater for Canton, Ohio

Mayor Stanley Cmich Portrait Bust, Longest Serving Mayor of Canton, Ohio

Bronze Bust of Jozif Ghandi by Paula Slater

Bronze Bust of Jozif Ghandi, Memorial Portrait of a Young Medical Student in Germany

Bronze Bust of William Charette Medal of Honor Recipient by Paula Slater

1.5 Times Life Size Bronze Bust of William Charette, Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

Bronze Bust of George Draper by Paula Slater

George Draper Bronze Portrait Bust, Mayor of Main Street with a Star on the Surfing Walk of Fame

U.S. Congressman Ruben Hinojosa Bronze Bust, Texas 15th Congressional District,1997 to 2017

Edward de Vere, ’17th Earl of Oxford’ Bronze Bust, Author of the Plays Attributed to Shakespeare

U.S. Congressman Bill Thomas Bronze Bust, Calif. 21st Congressional District, 1979 to 2007

Dr. James M. Slater Bronze Portrait Bust, Pioneered Proton Therapy for the Treatment of Cancer

Lucille Ball Bronze Portrait Bust, Lucy Sculpture

Lucille Ball Bronze Portrait Bust, Glamorous Modeling Portrait

Ed Hedrick Bronze Bust, The Father of Frisbee and Disc Golf, Ed Hedrick Memorial Museum

Jimmy Jimmerson Bronze Portrait Bust, Attorney and Principle Founder of Jimmerson Law Firm

Bronze Portrait Bust by Paula Slater of Sarah Yarmand

Bronze Portrait Bust of Sarah Yarmand, Lovely Iranian Actress and Poetess

Elmer Hemphill Bronze Portrait Bust, Founder and President of the Hemphill Corporation

Marilyn Boyette Bronze Portrait Bust, 25 Years Serving as Huntington Park’s Elected City Clerk

Albert Hale Atwood Bronze Bust, Co-founder of the Southern California Contractors Association

Mayor Frank G. Bonelli Bronze Portrait Bust, ‘Man of the Century’ Huntington Park City Hall

Life Size Bronze Portrait Bust by Paula Slater

Custom Bronze Portrait Bust of the President and CEO of a Healthcare Hospital

Frank Kiang Bronze Bust by Paula Slater Sculpture

Frank Kiang Bronze Portrait Bust, Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Metropolitan Bank

Bronze Portrait Bust of Michael McCready by Paula Slater

Michael McCready, Esq. Bronze Portrait Bust, Founder of McCready Law Firm in Chicago

Sohrab Aarabi Freedom Warrior Bronze Bust by Paula Slater, Iran Protester in 2009

Sohrab Aarabi ‘Freedom Warrior’ Bronze Portrait Bust,19 Year Old Iranian Pro-Democracy Student

Kelly Vaughn Bronze Portrait Bust, a Child Model Who is Now Grown into a Lovely Young Woman

Reverand Arthur Ginart Bronze Bust, St. Nicholas of Myra Church on Lake Catherine, New Orleans

Henry Taub Bronze Portrait Bust by Paula Slater Sculpture for ADP Corporate Headquarters

Henry Taub Bronze Bust, Founder of ADP and President of the American Technion Society

Patrick Barrasso Bronze Relief Portrait, In Balance Ranch Academy located in Southern Arizona

Terry Clarke Memorial Bronze Bust, Portrait Bust by Paula Slater Sculpture, Worldwide Barbershop Quartet Trophy

Terry Clarke Memorial Bronze Portrait Bust, Worldwide Barbershop Quartet Trophy