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Elmer Hemphill

" I am completely speechless. I looked at the proofs and they made me want to reach out and hug him. You are doing an amazing job of capturing his true personality. You have my approval to continue as needed. Your talents are overwhelming."

~ Sincerely, Audrey Hemphill
Paula, "The bust is just magnificent. It made my hair stand up on the back of my neck when I first saw it. Tell Chris the pedestal was really great also. I will send you some pictures and comments from people after Saturday. Thanks again for an incredible job. I
really don't think that someone who knew Elmer could have captured the true
man as you have."
~ Sincerely, Audrey
Location: The Hemphill Corporation, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Size: Life Size Bust
Year Completed: 2007

Slater was contacted by Audrey Hemphill who wanted to commission a life size bronze bust of her husband Elmer. This was to be a surprise gift to celebrate his company’s 50 years in business. Audrey supplied Slater with photographs of Elmer and was thoroughly delighted with the finished portrait of her husband. Audrey also ordered a custom pedestal from Chris Slater to proudly display the bust in Elmer’s office.