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Dr. Noam Chomsky Bronze Portrait Bust

"Very pleased, naturally, with the bronze bust. And very much appreciate the dedication, concern, and superb artistry."
~ Dr. Noam Chomsky
Famed Linguist, Author, Political Activist and Professor at M.I.T.
"I am very pleased and impressed with the sculpture by Paula Slater and how it captures my husband's character. We are pleased with your suggestion to have a public unveiling of the sculpture in Tucson."
~ Valeria Chomsky
Wife of Noam Chomsky
"This is amazing! You're the best. See you soon!

~ Ben August
Client who commissioned the portrait bust of Noam Chomsky
Location: Artworks Foundry, Berkeley, CA
Size: Life Size
Year Completed: 2017

Noam Chomsky Bronze Portrait Bust Unveiling II

Paula Slater sculpted a highly detailed and finely finished Bronze Portrait Bust of Dr. Noam Chomsky. These photographs are of Noam Chomsky from the clay bust in-progress, to the bronze patina at the foundry, to professional photographs and finally to the unveiling at the University of Arizona backstage after a huge event in which Toni Massaro interviewed Chomsky. Noam Chomsky is widely recognized as one of the great intellectuals of the past 100 years. He is a famous linguist, philosopher, political activist, prolific author of more than one hundred books and professor at M.I.T.

Slater was delighted when her previous client for the Edward de Vere bronze portrait, commissioned her to sculpt a bronze portrait of the one and only Noam Chomsky!