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Portrait Bust of Sarah Yarmand

"Just speechless at the mesmerizing beauty of this masterpiece! It's the ultimate elegance in a portrait sculpture and is capturing not only Sarah's natural beauty in it's transcendent form but is also a reflection of her soul and every poem she has ever written. Thank you! ......... I can't wait to see her when she looks at the magical mirror you created!
~ Aydin Areta, husband of Sarah Yarmand
"If only I was as beautiful as your art.... You are wonderful. I can see the faces of my great grand kids looking at it, thinking they had a beautiful great great grandma.
~ Sarah Yarmand
Location: Artworks Bronze Foundry
Size: Life Size
Year Completed: 2018

Aydin Areta commissioned Slater to sculpt a life size portrait bust of his lovely wife Sarah Yarmand as a special gift for her 40th birthday. Since this was a surprise gift, it was kept a secret until Aydin presented photographs of the clay portrait sculpture to Sarah at her large birthday celebration in Australia. The bust is now being molded and will be cast in bronze in time for their wedding anniversary on July 10th. Sarah is a medical doctor, a gifted Persian poet and an actress. Sarah starred in the short movie “Untold” that was accepted to the Cannes film Festival 2017.