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“Dr. Hildebrando Perico Bronze Bust”

“My Mother, my wife and I all enjoyed meeting you and visiting your sculpture studio. After commissioning another sculptor for the portrait of my father and being so disappointed with his results, we are so pleased we found you. The bronze bust you sculpted is wonderful and we couldn’t be happier. Enclosed you will find photographs of the bust installed upon the engraved marble pedestal and dedicated in our University’s new library—and as you can see everyone loves the portrait!”
~ Dr. Herbert Perico (son of Dr. Hildebrando Perico)
El Presidente de la Sala General
Universidad EAN
Location: Universidad EAN, Bogota, Columbia, South America
Size: 1.5 Times Life Size
Year Completed: 2014

Herbert Perico contacted Slater for a commission to sculpt a 1.5 times life size portrait bust of his father who was the founder of Universidad EAN. The Perico family had first commissioned another sculptor but were so unhappy with the finished clay bust he created that they decided to not have that first bust cast in bronze, but to start fresh with another sculptor. They showed Slater photographs of the other sculptor’s attempt and she assured them she could do a much better job.

When Slater had completed sculpting the portrait bust in clay, Dr. Hildebrando Perico’s wife travelled all the way from South America to see it in person. She loved the portrait and readily gave her approval for the molds to be made and the bronze casting process to proceed.

After the bust was completed in bronze and given rich bronze patina, it was custom crated and flown to Bogota, Columbia, where it was installed in the new library of Universidad EAN.