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Frank G. Bonelli

“Paula, I showed the in-progress photographs to the people who knew and worked with Frank Bonelli, and they loved it, loved it, loved it! When you are finished you’ve got approval to go straight to the bronze process.”
~ Josette Espinosa
Director of Parks and Recreation
Huntington Park, California
Location: Huntington Park City Hall, Huntington Park, California
Size: Life Size
Year Completed: 2008

Frank G. Bonelli was chosen as ‘Man of the Century’ for Huntington Park. This memorial portrait was in gratitude by the City for Bonelli’s contributions as past Mayor of Huntington Park.  Slater was selected to sculpt this portrait bust of Bonelli and she was able to capture his wonderfully positive and infectious spirit.

The bronze bust was installed in a place of honor in the Huntington Park City Hall. It was unveiled as a surprise to his delighted wife. The Bonelli family was overjoyed with this bronze portrait of their beloved husband, father and grandfather.