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Henry Taub Bronze Bust, Founder of ADP and President of the American Technion Society

“Paula, the Bronze bust of Mr. Taub arrived in perfect condition today and we will have it installed and displayed in a place of honor at the ADP Corporate Headquarters. Thank you for your fine work in blending the younger Mr. Taub from the photo album, with the older version of him from the video and subsequent photos we sent you.”
~ Rita Mitjans
Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing
ADP, Inc.
Location: ADP Corporate Headquarters, Roseland, New Jersey
Size: Life Size
Year Completed: 2011

Slater was commissioned to sculpt a life size memorial portrait bust of Henry Taub. She was given photographs of Taub as he looked in middle age and photographs from his much later aged life. She was asked to interpret how he would have appeared in between these two ages. In all of these photographs he had a pleasant closed mouth smile. However, once the clay sculpture was completed, the family decided they wanted the portrait of Taub to have a broader smile with his teeth showing and they supplied Slater with a new photograph. Slater sculpted the additional edit and the clay bust was approved by the family and was ready for the mold and bronze casting process.

In 1949, Taub founded Automatic Payrolls, Inc. (API), that company is now known as Automatic Data Process (ADP and is the leading provider of computerized payroll and benefits management services to employers in the U.S.

Taub served as national president of the American Technion Society and chair of the Technion International Board of Governors from 1990 to 2003. Taub and his wife, Marilyn, spearheaded numerous Technion projects, including the Henry and Marilyn Taub and Family Science and Technology Center, ]a Technion campus landmark and home to its Faculty of Computer Science, considered one of the best in the world; the Leaders in Science and Technology Faculty Recruitment Program; and the Henry and Marilyn Taub Fund for the Future.

Taub was awarded the Technion Medal, a Technion honorary doctorate, and a Technion honorary fellowship. A special American Technion Society celebration in 2004 at the Plaza Hotel in New York City was held in tribute to Taub’s lifetime of brilliant and dedicated service.