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Bronze Bust of Jozif Ghandi

"Hello Paula, the bust arrived yesterday. I cannot thank you enough. The portrait of Jozif has become very beautiful. Our expectations have been exceeded. We are glad we asked you to create the bust. I also thank you for your professional and reliable work."
~ Maldif Ghandi
Brother of Jozif Ghandi
Location: Burscheid, Germany
Size: Life Size
Year Completed: 2020

Slater was commissioned to sculpt a Bronze Bust of Jozif Ghandi. He was a young medical student in Germany, who passed away two years ago. He was a handsome young man much loved by his family, friends and colleagues. Jozif’s life size portrait was very inspiring to sculpt with his charming slightly crooked smile and modern spiky hair. The portrait was been completed in bronze in 2020 and was shipped to Germany for installation at his gravesite.