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8 sided bevel edged Stockholm Pedestal without under-lighting, painted white.

16″L x 12″ W x 40″ high

underlighted pedestals

“Hi, this is a message for Chris.  I’m just calling to thank you for the fine job on the dark green Stockholm Pedestal.  It looks great.  It does exactly what I wanted it to do in that corner and it is the right height.  I just wanted to thank you and say, Good Job!”

D. Neukomm

Lighted Pedestals for Acyrlics

“I received the pedestal on the 15th.  Excellent quality and workmanship!  Looks great!  Attached are a few photos in case you want to add one to your collection on the web.”                   THNX,  J. Kernc

Underlighted Pedestals

Lovely lighted Stockholm Pedestal for client’s bronze and acrylic Wyland Sculpture.

Lighted Pedestals

Standard Stockholm Pedestal with under-lighting, finished in black satin.