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“General G. C. Graziani”

"Dear Mrs. Slater, Your work is very good! The face is perfect! The rank is perfect (of course on both the sleeves!) and the boots are wonderful!!! You are great!

The statue you sculpted of General Giulio Cesare Graziani, the most decorated Italian officer who survived WWII, is a remarkable work. I am grateful to you for what you have achieved by studying the photos and documents available. I can definitely recommend you for the quality of the work as well as for your precision and punctuality.

I'm very happy!
Many thanks."
~ Cordiali Saluti, avv. Fulcieri Graziani - son of Giulio Cesare Graziani
Location: The Italian Air Force Museum, Rome, Italy
Size: Life Size, 6’ High
Year Completed: 2014

Custom military bronze portrait statue of General Giulio Cesare Graziani in his younger years when he was Italian Air Force Pilot. Graziani cooperated with the U.S. Air Force during WWII. A book was written about this heroic ace pilot who flew over 100 value missions. He became a highly decorated war hero who rose through the ranks to become Brigadier General and was later promoted to General of the Italian Air Force.

Slater sculpted the highly detailed life size full-figure portrait of Graziani, oversaw the mold and bronze process and then shipped the bronze to the Museum in Rome. Slater was informed that there were a few other bronze portrait busts in the Museum however, this would be the only full-figure bronze portrait, which would make it an impressive attraction. It was installed next to the actual plane flown in WWII by Graziani.

Slater strived to capture every little detail of the authentic military clothing and the portrait of this WWII hero. General Graziani’s son was very gracious and supplied many vintage photographs of his father from WWII. Slater emailed her client many in-progress photographs as the clay portrait and the bronze casting progressed. He and the Museum were able to give approval of the final bronze portrait before it was shipped to Italy.

Slater says, “It was an honor being selected to sculpt this full-figure bronze military portrait and have it installed in the land of Michelangelo! My husband and I visited the Italian Air Force Museum in Rome after this bronze portrait was installed. The Museum is huge and amazing and located right next to the largest lake in Italy–a wonderful setting for the portrait of this highly decorated war hero.”

Click on the following link to see photographs and information about the incredible Aviation Museum in Rome  http://www.targeta.co.uk/vigna_di_valle.htm