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My Faithful Warrior Bronze Monument

Location: Vietnam National War Museum
Parker County, Texas
Size: 1.3 Times Life Size
Year Completed: 2022

Here are photos of the beautiful patina as it was being recently shot on the second casting of the Not Forgotten Fountain. This 1.3 times life-size bronze sculpture will soon be installed at the National Vietnam War Museum in Texas. Aiya, the patina artist at the Artworks Foundry, did a fantastic job! In 2012, John Burnam Monument commissioned Slater to sculpt the original working fountain for the U.S. Military Working Dog Teams National Monument at Lackland, Air Force Base.

The newest addition to the National Vietnam War Museum grounds is here!

“Created by master sculptor Paula Slater, “My Faithful Warrior” is dedicated to the nearly 4000 dogs that served alongside military personnel during the Vietnam War. The Department of Defense during this period classified dogs as equipment, and subsequently only around 200 dogs ever made it back to the United States. The controversial decision either transferred ownership to the army of South Vietnam, systemically euthanized, or completely abandoned the dogs still in service when the United States pulled out of the war.”