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Qian’s Mother Portrait Bust Sculpture

"Yes, Yes, this is my MOM! I can see her eyes! I LOVE it! There are no words to express my deepest gratitude to you!"
~ Dr. Qian
Client and Son of this Mother
Location: Artworks Foundry
Berkley, CA
Size: Life Size (clay for bronze)
Year Completed: 2023
This is a life size (clay for bronze) portrait bust of Qian’s beloved 92 year old Mother. Qian is also the client who commissioned me to sculpt the relief portrait of his mother and father based on their lovely wedding photo taken 75 years ago in China (which I posted a couple of weeks ago). Many decades of time have passed, but you can still sense her sweet spirit. She was also wearing her favorite knit cardigan sweater which I sculpted in detail and will show up more clearly when the bronze casting receives the hot patina.