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Don Salvio Pacheco Monument, Concord, CA

Paula, Absolutely, Stunning. Amazing work. I couldn’t be more proud that you are the artist! You are truly the best! Thank you for all your beautiful work. Concord will be forever grateful for you! Lisa, thank you for pushing for Paula!!
~ Brandy Leidgen
Don Salvio Pacheco Monument Committee
This takes my breath away! My God he's so distinguished and proud. Great work!
~ Carol Longshore
Concord Historical Society
Paula, I am thoroughly impressed by how great the sculpture looks, and I can't wait to see it come home.
~ Justin Ezell
Director of Public Works, City of Concord
The Statuette looks awesome!! You have our approval. Keep up the good work. I look forward to visiting you soon.
~ Ron Leone
City of Concord Council Member
Paula, the maquette is incredible. I feel like I am really seeing him. Wonderful work.
~ Justin Ezell
Director of Public Works, City of Concord
You're doing an absolutely great job. I'm glad you are our chosen artist. Your artistry is exceptional. I look forward to seeing your studio.
~ Ron Leone
City of Concord Council Member
Hi Paula, Our Sesquicentennial Committee has voted and we are delighted to accept your bid to produce and deliver a 7' tall lifelike bronze statue of Don Salvio Pacheco for the Todos Santos Plaza in downtown Concord, California.

Many thanks and congratulations--we're looking forward to working with you!
~ Lisa Fulmer
President Concord Art Association
Location: Todos Santos Plaza, Concord, California
Size: 7' Hight Bronze Portrait Statue will be installed upon a 3' high granite base
Year Completed: 2018

The Making of the Don Salvio Pacheco Monument by Paula Slater

The Don Salvio Pacheco Monument Unveiling in Concord, on July 4th, 2018

Slater was awarded the public art commission to sculpt a 7′ high bronze portrait statue of Don Salivio Pacheco by the Concord Historical Society (http://concordhistorical.org) in conjunction with the City of Concord. Pacheco was one of the three founders of the City of Concord. In 1834 he received a land grant of 17921 acres which he named Todos Santos (meaning ‘all Saints’), later renamed Concord. Pacheco was a very generous man and by the time of his death in 1876 he had given away all but 425 acres to flood victims, immigrants and many others. He strongly believed in the value of education and built a school. Pacheco welcomed people to his adobe home with open arms and was known by all as a very honorable and trustworthy man.

The committee was enthusiastic about Slater’s design concept and sketch which shows Pacheco with his left hand holding a scroll of his land grant and his right hand resting upon a map with the marked boundary of his land, sitting atop an ornate Spanish relief decorated pedestal. Slater is renown for sculpting in high detail and has brought that skill to creating the historic over-life size portrait statue of Pacheco in his period clothing. The bronze casting (by the Artworks Foundry in Berkeley) will be finely finished and given a beautiful classic monument patina. The full-figure bronze portrait statue will be installed upon a 3′ high solid granite pedestal at the entrance to the beautiful Todos Santos Plaza park in the City of Concord, California.

The  following news article is about the Pacheco Monument commission awarded to Paula Slater.

Concord molding a special sesquicentennial